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Bike gear + loyalty

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by disk_1, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have got my Learners so now is the time to go out and buy some gear.

    I am looking at spending a decent amount for both safety and because I want to do some track days.

    This is what i am looking at getting:
    * two piece leather suit - like A* stuff and joe rocket :p
    * draggins or similar
    * gloves, boots - Like sidi boots, dunno about gloves
    * helmet - not too fussy.. whatever fits good
    * back protector
    * summer jacket

    My delimma is this. I have seen the prices for products in Australia for brands like A*, sidi, joe rocket etc. There is are massive differences in the price points of Australian store bought products and online overseas bought products. It will end up saving me about 40% overall.

    I want to be loyal to Australian businesses but I cannot just throw away hundreds of dollars for the same product. I know Aussie products do not necessarily have ridiculous markups, they are just trying to survive.

    What do u reckon, i am leaning towards online. I feel bad though.

    I saw a few topics in other areas about buying stuff online and about their savings and good experiences in general.


  2. Its up to you in the end. I prefer to try on what I'm going to buy and get something that fits. That means buying at the retailer and paying more than an online store price.

    Take boots for example. Two pairs may be size 11 but one may be just that little bit narrower or shorter to make a difference to you.
  3. Shop around just keep rockin up to diffrent bikes shops looking around. I payed 170 for my nitro helmet, saw the same piece for 400 -300 in other shops (its no the cheap one either) got my joe 2 peice summer race suite for 80 bucks, joe gloves for 20$. If ur in sydney check out MCA (the yellow shop in parra and action Honda in parra) they have some realy nice specails some times.

    u can pick up cheap helmets from metro wrekcers PM if u cant find em
  4. +1 for shopping around
    -100 if the helmets are not brand new.
  5. Disk -

    If you want it all to fit properly, shop around and try it on. Always make an offer - you might feel a bit weird about it, but often shops will knock some dollars off, especially if you're buying more than one item.

    Please oh please don't buy a cheap helmet. Cheap helmets often (but not always) are noisier, heavier, and have lousy visor release/ratchet systems and cruddy venting. Never met one I liked. Never regretted paying proper money for Shoeis and Sharks. They don't even pay me commission...

  6. The only problem i have with buying riding gear over the net is that i can't try it on. It is important that it fits otherwise the armour in the jacket/pants can move around and offer zero impact protection.
    GoTeam makes an excellent point regarding boots too. I like my Sidi's (i'll be loyal to that brand forever) because they fit my foot, heel and calf perfectly and comfortably, whereas when i tried on some Alpinestars in the same size they were snug around the heel, loose at the toes and floppy around the calf.

    One thing you can do is to try on the jacket you want in a shop and then order it in the size you need over the internet. As much as i would like to be loyal and buy from one shop or buy from Australia, I can't help but want the best protective gear i can get. If that means for my $500 i can get a decent jacket here or a totally kick-ass jacket from the US etc, I'm going to go with the kick-ass option.
  7. If you want quality gear that _really_ fits then the only option is custom fitted.

    Tiger Angel have pretty much got the top end of that market in Australia covered, and if you can afford a full set of Alpine Star then you can afford a full set of custom Tiger Angels (and I know which I'd rather have) :)
  8. Yeah the helmets still got the heads in em.

    But serously they are brand new but about 1/2 from the retail norm. i dont work there or anything.

    I dont think our newbie wants a 1,000+ plus custom made leather set might just be a little over board.

    And PS dont listenen to them get an ordianary helmet then after u droped it a couple times and cant see throught the visor anymore get a new one and u will treat it alot better
  9. Man just shop around.

    I bought a Joe Rocket Mercury leather jacket for $270 at action in the city. Three days later I saw the same jacket going for $500 at the opening of SCM in Casula. And I saw it going for $700 somewhere else.

    So shop around, that is the secret.