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Bike gear back at Aldi

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by MrGrumpy, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. For those interested it is that time of the year again. Aldi has some gear on sale from 5 Aug. Looking at the website they dont seem to have as much as previous years. No boots or tank bags for example, but they still have the GPS
    Hope the link works.

  2. Might pop in to take a look at the rain suit
  3. cool, those socks are good and the rain suit is also good, will also look at the gloves
  4. damn I am out of the helmet business thanks to aldi :)
  5. Would everyone please leave me a GPS..........
    Apparently you can load tomtom software/maps into it......
  6. ooooooh motorcycle helmets....... scary

  7. I got some gloves & tank bag last year- still using them
  8. YES!!!!!

    I was about to order some more socks off fleabay.
    I can vouch for the pants, gloves and socks. all good products.
    Wierd they were not selling the tank bag cause I would be telling everyone to go and buy one.
  9. I bought one of those "go cruise" gps units back in '08 and while the original maps are ok, I was about the test their durability being thrown at 110kmph on a trip to bowral about a month back.
    If you buy one, work out how to hack it for the tom tom software.
    And at least that one is bluetooth and not radio like mine.
  10. The tank bag was the one thing I wanted to get from them. I saw them last year and they looked ok, but I didnt have a bike then so I didnt get one. Im still going to check out the socks and gps though
  11. Yep, we've got two of them, I use mine most days for commuting, still going strong after three years. Strange they're not selling them this time...
  12. the GPS looks a different model. Bluetooth instead of radio, and WhereIS instead of Route66.

    I returned my unit last time because of the software, and the FM link was poor. The Hardware is pretty good so with the two improvements this will be worth it I'm sure
  13. Ok you must have bought the same unit I have currently. I have yet to track down a proper guide on getting the tom tom stuff installed without bricking the unit in the process.
  14. there's at least two people on here who've managed it. Have you seen this thread
  15. I thought that the original maps and the software was woeful.

    It's why I went to so much trouble to get TT onto mine (and thanks to V - he knows who he is) for the help with that.

    Thing is, if you can hack this the same way and to install TT onto it (on the original, you put it on the SD card, not the unit), will the bluetooth function still work?

    Does this one run Route66 navigation s'ware? If so, hopefully it's fully functional, unlike the previous one.

    And does the BT bit also support handsfree operation of your phone or playing music?
  16. I think that Whereis is the map data. The illustration doesn't show what the nav software is, but until we get someone to buy it and to review it for us it's difficult to say.

    If the unit itself is of a similar quality to the original then it'll be a good unit. Mine feels solid, the receiver works well and it seems to have the grunt to update fairly quickly when riding.

    As for upgrading it to TomTom via the methods as outlined in the "Aldi GPS" thread, the unit itself needs to be running Windows CE as its OS. Otherwise you won't be able to run Tom Tom Navigator on it via the SDcard.
  17. I'm going to check out there stuff, looks interesting. Hopefully can get in before there sold.
    From the reviews they sound good.
  18. Love their jackets though - Waterproof to 10,000mm.

    I wonder what it means?

    That would be 10 meters...

    Nope still no closer to understanding it....
  19. A "mm/24 hours" rating refers to the amount of rainfall a fabric can withstand in a single day. Thus a 10,000 mm waterproof rating means the garment can withstand over 32 feet (10,000 mm) of rainfall in a single day without letting moisture in.
  20. (y)

    Thanks Goz

    You learn something every day and today I learned that Goz knows some obscure shiat! ;)

    Fun Ha!