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Bike gear and the pub!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by bambam_101, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Has anyone here ever been refused entry because you were wearing motorcycle gear? I ask cos on Friday night i went to the Waterside Hotel to say hi to a few mates. Was a warm night but given I had to ride through the city to get there, I still wore my jacket and gloves etc.

    Got to the front door with my leather jacket on (shift m1), pair of jeans, motorbike boots (all black) and helmet in hand and the guy at the front door says "sorry bud but i dont thing biking attire is appropriate here".

    Now most people were wearing jeans and t-shirts, thongs and shorts even. I argued with him for a minute and he eventually let me in but said if he saw me wearing my jacket he would throw me straight out. Ignoring the fact that it was 30 odd degrees at the time and i had no intention of walking around the beer garden with a thick heavy leather jacket on, where does he get off telling me that i cant wear a jacket?! It doesnt even look that different from any other jackets out there! Non motorbike ones i mean.

    I can understand that some places have a dress code with shoes and collars or shirts etc but this place was very casual. As i said, guys with thongs and shorts etc.

    Anyone else here ever had grief trying to get into places wearing your bike gear? I dunno, maybe im being a bit sensitve but it kinda pissed me off on friday!
  2. leather&pubs

    maybe you didn't give him the let me in or i'll tear ya head off biker look
  3. Just talk to his boss, fcuking simpleton.
    Bouncers shit me, no brains, massive egos and an attitude problem.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. never had a problem myself. next time say: not appropriate? do you know what's not appropriate? the amount of people who walk through these doors with car keys in their pockets that walk out drunk with said keys and endanger my life. they're the reason i need to gear up. so really, it's your fault i'm wearing these tight leather pants that make you uncomfortable because you find my ass sexually attractive and you start to question yourself you big sweaty muscly shmoofta.
  5. Don't go to the Kingston pub then! The guy that works there most of the time will give you the runs.
  6. and some of them cant even do basic addition to work out who is 18 or not. :roll:
  7. Who gives a shit whether they can add or not. What has that got to do with OP?

  8. Seacliff Hotel in adelaide wouldn't serve me once because i had a helmet with me. It was leave it with your bike or leave the pub. Wouldn't let me put the helmet behind the bar.
  9. I can't say I've ever had a problem with it, only because if I even look at a beer, I'm drunk. The pub down across the road from work (Queensberry Hotel) always has a guy walking around with his gear on... No one there seems to mind.

    Maybe you need to find a different pub? :cool:
  10. hence why i quoted typhoon :roll: - it was a little side strand of chat on the thread. Chill out dude, its a thread :cool:

  11. Sorry mate.
  12. *cough*

    Some door staff are farkchops no questions about it.

    Most security these days are pretty good. The industry has been cleaned up heaps.

    I've walked into a pub with my gear on, took it off, the bar staff cloaked it for me, no charge.

    I'd be speaking to the manager and I'd express my disappointment at his attitude. If it isn't fixed, find a new pub.
  13. Waterside???? The pub owned by Riewoldt, Campbell, Brown et al.

    I used to go there when it was the scungiest unit this side of the early opener (it used to open at 6!) You get turfed for fronting in your bike gear because you'd be over dressed!

    Def give the managers a yell at the time but it's a crook call from the door biatch. Must have been a quiet night for him.

    Jim M
  14. +10000

    As to the OP, I'd have asked to see his superior to get it straightened out. Bouncers are totally arsehats, but I won't continue to describe them as typhoon already did it perfectly.

    Vic - maybe its different if you're...er.. older :LOL: A bouncer is alot more likely to try to give crap to a youngster like me.
  15. I remember one night ricking up to a pub in Geelong in a T and Jeans and getting told to sod off (because i didn't have a coller), so I rocked back to the place I was staying and grabbed my Leather jacket (Motorbike one)

    Rocked on up got through the door and checked the jacket into the cloak room and enjoyed the night (Well as much as you can in pubs in Geelong (I still havn't seen any I'd call civilised)
  16. bambam_101 the most logical reason I can think of is that either he was intimidated by your appearance and was making up a reason for not accepting you or he was having problems with your friends inside and you were the excuse to get rid of them. The bouncers' mind is a weird and wondrous place. Might have to start a thread on nightlife survival tips.

    As most have suggested I would have spoken to either the Security Supervisor (if one) or the Duty Manager.

    Lastly I just have to mention the Attitude Test, we all know it. I am not insinuating you faulted in this bambam_101. The Police use it, Bouncers use it ... we all use it. That first impression that you portray or that is picked up by others of you, sticks.

    My 2c
  17. The guy said it because he is a ****. That's all there is too it. :)

    Where is the Waterside Hotel? It just got added to the list of Mystery Ride destinations along with a certain bar in Fitzroy St. :grin: :LOL:
  18. Next door to TOP OF THE TOWN :wink:
  19. I used to have a Thursday night residencey at the Scotish Chiefs. It was a great pub. I also loved the Bawon Club. If you're there mid week, go to the Ponds. On a Wed when I lived there it was the uni disco night. Happy hour at 5, then back to campus for dinner befor entering the bullpit. :grin: Upsatairs at the Gellong hotel is Ok if there's a band, otherwise don't forget to check bothe front and back bars at the Nash or head down to Lamby's. :grin:

    It's been a few years since I lived in Geelong though so some of those places might no longer exist (but I'd go and drink on the empty blocks anyway) :LOL:

    FWIW, at any of them in the mid 90's, the only dress requirement was pants. That rule was waved of course, if you were fcuking someone as you walked in the door. :) Apparently. :LOL:
  20. Eh Seany, now you's can go to Waterside for a drink, then pop over next door &
    work off the alcohol with the fine selection of women!