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Bike friendly dynos... (SA)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by mr_sikma, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Is there many bike friendly dynos around the place in Adelaide?

    Just found some pics on a site with some skootas on some.

    I think the address of the place is...

    Competition Conversions, Light Tce, Thebarton


  2. yeah Ive this name in the trader a few times.. anyone had personal experience with em?
  3. the guy from city skoots seems to take all his modded skoots there for testing.

    is there any others?
  4. the girl at Bolton's Kawasaki told me that when I'm ready to stick the new exhaust, air filter, spark plugs, & break lines on the hornet, they can arrange to have the bike dyno'ed for me as well - she said it will cost a little more, but they can arrange it all for me.

    not sure where they take it though - but it might be worthwile asking them!
  5. yer ive dealt with KYm Comp Conversions a
    couple of times
    he tuned my bike last
    offered a loan bike for a day so he can try and get more power out of me bike hehe but turned him down
    great tuner, great prices, great service
  6. NEVILLE LUSH RACING [85527433] at victor harbour
    BILL TOWER at burton now does bike dyno's [82809288]
    no tuning just dynos and 1/4 times etc

    I didnt know competition conversions had a bike dyno.
  7. Ok got the name of the place Boltons take em to:

    Superbike Performance
    5 Pin St
    St Mary's
    ph 8276 4421

    they do tuning & dyno's
  8. Wtf? So you can pay someone to go thrash your bike down the quarter mile?
    No thanks... much rather do it myself. :grin: