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Bike friendly cafes in Ballarat?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Pugsly, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. I'm heading up to Ballarat on Saturday to meet my old man and check out his new trike.

    I'd like to pick the brains of the Ballarat netriders as to if the can recommed a bike friendly cafe/eatery in or around the place.

  2. I've been wondering for a while what does a "bike friendly caffee" mean anyway?
    Haven't been at unfriendly ones yet, if they exist.
  3. Have heard the ocassional tale of people in their gear being asked to leave. Also something that isn't too pokey.

    That aside, can anyone recommend anywhere in Ballarat?
  4. I had breakfast at Europa Cafe a couple weeks back, the French toast with bacon and maple syrup is amazingly good. Rest of the group I was with were pretty happy as well. 411 sturt st (the main street)
  5. I hope you enjoy catching up with your Dad.:D
  6. Can't help you with cafe suggestions @pugsly but which way are you traveling up. HERES my suggestion. :)
  7. Beechworth Bakery: we have our BMW Club coffee mornings there the first Saturday of every month, plenty of room to park outside on the corner pavement or round the back in the carpark.
  8. Thanks sl100, I checked out their website. They look pretty good.

    Me too. He can be a bit of a grump at times. Having a young fella myself now, I can appreciate more how dads like to spend time with their sons.

    Being a noob, I was going to go the old boring way. I want to get some kms up just cruising at 110 to get myself more used to highway speeds. I liked your scenic route. I'll likely be heading to Ballarat on and off a bit over the next year or so, so I might give the longer way a punt when the weather is warmer and there's more daylight hours.

    I forgot Ballarat had a Beechworth Bakery. The last time I went to Beechworth Bakery was when there was only a Beechworth bakery in Beechworth. I'll put it to the old bloke and see which one he prefers.

    Thanks for the suggestions on route and eating. Much appreciated!
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    Last edited: Jun 20, 2013
    'Nother route option here.
    Quite scenic but some sections are in ordinary condition so watch out for pot holes and gravel, but anything is better than doing the Western Highway again after the first 1000 times :rolleyes:.
    L'Espresso is also pretty good. Two doors up from Europa.
  10. Try Gee Cee's halfway up Sturt st

    It's ok In low numbers but can get busy at peak times
    Plenty of room to park in church car park directly opposite

    Try the cafe on lake wendouree too
    Not sure of opening times

    I'll post more when I think of em
  11. There's a great little cafe/coffee shop in bridge mall behind dick smiths too

    If I'm not working ill probably hit the Saturday morning practice for old times sake, so I'll be riding back to ballarat sometime, let me know if you want me to ride up with you
  12. Luckily for me, I've not done the drive to Ballarat much, and I haven't ridden it at all. So it won't be too boring. Thanks for the route option. I'm more worried about black ice than gravel tomorrow morning. It's going to be brisk!

    Added to the list. Thanks!

    Thanks Jay, but I'll probably have arrived in Ballarat before Sat morning practice starts :)
  13. Hi Pugsly, I know I'm a bit late to this one, however, it all depends on what you like to drink/eat. As mentioned, there's the Beechworth Bakery, the Boatshed at Lake Wendouree, the Golden Nugget Bakery/Cafe in Sturt St or any of the 4 Maccas in town.

    Have fun meeting up with your dad. (y)

  14. Spoke to my folks today who live in Ballarat. The asked when I'm going to visit them, I've been a bad son as every weekend I've been off riding.

    If Saturdays forecast holds I'm going to ride up and visit them. Might take @cjvfr suggestion for the trip up.

  15. And @titus suggestion for the trip back.... Unfortunately, I have done the Western highway 1000 times.
  16. It means you can ride your bike inside