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Bike for wife

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Wifes2wheels, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but I'm not even sure where to start looking for the answer in old threads.

    I know absolutely NOTHING about motorcycles. My wife is wanting to get back into riding after many years (like 20). She'd have to get a bike, licence etc. We're in Tassie.

    What would be a good bike as a starter bike for her? The catch is, she suffers from duck's disease- she's only 154cm, so it couldn't be too big I guess. She likes Ducati Monsters, and the older 400cc model (I think that's what it is) is legal for learners here, but they look a bit big for her. I'm not sure what other bikes would be good for her. She doesn't like touring bikes. I was thinking one of the smaller Yamahas. But I know NOTHING.

    Did I say I know NOTHING?

    What bikes would be good for her to look into? She's got serious speed issues, but is extremely safe too. It would have to be a light bike too. We'd like to spend under $7000, and really under $5000 for a learner bike.
  2. I just had to pop in and say ...

    bike for wife eh ?

    that would be a good trade..


  3. Har har har.....

    We're a great couple- I long for the quiet solitude of the Tassie wilderness, and she longs for the scream of an engine. LOL
  4. Is she keen at all at the idea of a scooter? Or is it strictly bike territory? I would recommend she go and sit on a few to see how she likes them, perhaps the VTR 250, GS500, CB250, etc. Have a look on eBay for other examples that you guys might like the look of. Cheers!

  5. Words of wisdom Mitch, except for the scooter. I suggested one of these to her, from a safe distance, and she was less than pleased. (This is putting it mildly) She has serious adrenaline problems, Mitch, bigger than scooter-sized problems, I'm afraid. She hopes to upgrade to a Monster in 3 years- a scooter is not going to do it. Unless it has a giant motor and is made by Ducati.

    I think I'll do just what you say. From reading posts on here, since making my original post, I've gotten a lot of info. Great site! She likes the look/sound of Honda VTR250's, but we'll go around to some secondhand dealers and try a few different 250's out for size.

  6. Vtr 250 is recomended
  7. Im 5 ft 1 and found that the Yamaha Virago 250 was a great height, lightweight and taught me a lot about riding before upgrading to the Virago 1100 I have now.
  8. thanks all! More food for thought!
  9. My wife is in the same boat as yours, shes on the short side and is returning to riding after 20 years off. She has been using my LAMS cruiser (Yamaha XVS650) to get her groove back. She loves the ride height as she can reach the ground easily and finds the riding position very comfortable. She was a bit intimidated by the weight of the bike at first but has gotten over that as her confidence has improved. Her bike 20 years ago was a 250 cruiser which she found to be fine around town but on open roads the vibrations of the smaller engine revving harder was not a fond memory - no such issues with the 650. Cruisers are a bit of love 'em or leave 'em thing depending on the individual though - so make sure she has a test ride before going down that route.
  10. I am 5ft 4ins in height, female and currently ride a Kawasaki ZZR250. I have found it to be a great bike for learning and it would probably be a good one for someone returning to riding.

    It may lack some Oooomph, but that depends in whether your wife is confident in taking on a bigger capacity, heavier bike 1st off, or waiting a while to hone her skills before upgrading.
  11. VTR250 or Ducati 620 Monster Lite or Monster 600 (LAMS approved) while she is learning. Ducati 696 once she is ready for a real bike. The current 696 has a great seating position which is very low. :)

    Actually, check the list at http://www.transport.tas.gov.au/registration_information because it doesn't have a VTR250 on it!

    PS: I don't think any Virago is going to satisfy your wife, by the sound of it.
  12. Mate if you want to swap your wife for a bike, we need some photos.
  13. We also need to know how many kms on the clock and whether she was regularly garaged, after market or stock cans? And yeah as iBast mentioned, definitely going to need some photos to see if it's a fair trade.
  14. Is she short with long legs, or short with long body??

    A VTR250/ZZR250 etc good for the first case... a virago250 cruiser for the second.
  15. the vtr250s are ok in tas - under 250 hondas only nsr250s are banned.
  16. my wife has shortish legs, and learned comfortably on the 250 virago and when upgrading was able to get a Er6F kawasaki, with a little lowering of the forks by the shop it was a good height for her, and the kawasaki 650's now come in LAMs approved models too.
    she also points out to me she was sick of the virago within 2 months , it is a little on the underpowered side of the scale
  17. I may sound like a broken record, but get an RVF :)

    Just fits within your $7000 budget, and you won't lose if you later sell it
    165kg = light weight
    780mm seat height = very low for a sportsbike (fully adjustable suspension if you need to drop it further)
    Plenty of go, great brakes and handling = Speed issues sorted ;-)
    ... and best of all a revhead V4 soundtrack

    I can't keep my wife off it, I'll come home and the zzr will be sulking in the garage and the RVF will be 'missing'.

  18. My CBR250 (single) R has an amazingly low seat height, my 5'2 girlfriend tried it out and could easily put two feet flat on the ground.

    Good brakes, enough get up and go, good low k examples can be found in Vic for 3-4k.

    Sometimes I get worried about how ridiculous I (5'11) must seem on it, but I think it's a barrel of fun.
  19. If you read up on the VTR250, you will see people referring it as the 'Monster' clone as they look similar. I'd put my vote on the VTR250 as well and you could easily get a good condition 2005 model for around the $5500 mark (in VIC that is)...

    I went with the ZZR250 in the end because it was cheaper and I liked the look of the fairings... in terms of performance, the VTR has more power at the lower end torque being a V-twin whereas the ZZR's power doesnt really kick in until around 10k-12k RPM...

    At the end of the day, go for the bike she falls in love with and would enjoy riding daily
  20. at that height, she might wanna try the cbr125...i remember there was a reaaaally short girl in my pre-learners course and she kept falling off the cb250 coz her feet werent flat on the ground when she came to a stop lol. shes got a cbr125 now and shes comfortable on it.