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Bike for tall riders?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Duffman, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. I'll be looking at upgrading in the not too distant future (6-12 months).

    I think i'm looking mainly at cruisers or tourers, but if the right naked came along i'd look at that as well. I must say i like the look of the Hyosung GV650???

    The biggest problem i am coming across is finding something that is big enough for me, i'm 6ft 4. I'm tall but not a big guy and i'm finding that i'm just too cramped on most bikes i try.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Go sit on 'em, man, and if they won't let you, cross them off your list. You will find the Hyosung is quite a big bike for a 650, but then heaps of others are too.
  3. Why not go for a road/trail? They cater for the taller rider rather well. Perosnally think the Hornet 900 isn't too bad for a taller rider either. Most of the BMW's will suit a taller rider too (if you have the $)
  4. What have you actually sat on?

    I'm 194cm, have dodgy knees and am yet to meet a bike I'd consider too cramped to live with.
  5. I suggest you go and sit on a Triumph Rocket III... your average wrestler can ride those things :)
  6. Yeah I must admit that most bikes i have sat on are mates sports bikes, so it was probably a bit unfair for me to say 'all' bikes are cramped :)

    I've got a pretty stuffed back courtesy of many a year on the farm and a few summers working on a vineyard, so i find i'm pretty picky when it comes to comfort and i tend to make up my mind straight away when i sit on something, possibly writing some bikes off without giving them a fair go :oops: .

    At this stage i am probably leaning to a tourer (mainly for comfort factor) as i do/will do some long rides. Love the BM's but for the exorbitant prices, but if i can get over the high initial outlay i'm sure they'd be great.
    Is there a reason BM's are pretty much all over 1000cc? Why dont they do many mid range models round 650cc?
  7. Yeah but only the decent wrestlers can afofrd them :D
  8. Well I'm a few inches taller than that, last time I checked, and like most of this height I also have dodgy knees. However, I'm going to have to agree with you; I can't recall ever feeling _too_ cramped on any bike I've ridden. I have, however, been reliably informed that I look ridiculous getting around on my sister's 125 Cagiva. :D

    The only problems I ever have are the odd fairing edge or cylinder head rubbing against my knees. Is this what you mean by "cramped", Jono, or are you really feeling generally uncomfortable?
  9. Get yourself a back protector. Do up the waist straps and so long back fatigue.

    From an ergonomic standpoint, bikes with a hunched-over riding position make more sense than upright ones. If you're bent over, the weight of your upper body is carried by your stomach, not your back muscles, and road irregularities, rather than compressing your spine, cause it to loll around like a fishing rod.
  10. I think your probably right mate, in that the fairing nudges other things rubbing me give me this feeling, more than actually being cramped. I am also very concious (whether valid or not) of looking like a clown riding a mini bike, and i think the bigger bikes just feel more right for me.
  11. this thread came at just the right time! after sitting on all the sports bikes at the bike show today (minus the kwakas cause you couldnt sit on any of them :? ) i feel cramped. as in cramped cramped.

    some muscle in my hip cramped up every sports bike i got on. after i got off and hopped around and got back on it was sorta ok but still niggly. my back actually felt fine and with a back protector i reckon i could go all day. a hundred times better than my cb 250. every shock staight up your back! :shock:

    as well as that i found it sorta hard to get my toe under and over the gear lever. my left ankle doesnt have as much movement as the right...

    so, what im asking is, am i alone with this hip cramping and difficulty in getting to the gear shifter, or are there others? thankfully the sv650s was ok. i'm in love with that bike already :twisted: :twisted: :D
  12. if your after something with big power .. and second hand u may wanna look at a suzuki bandit 1200.. i had a 2000 model .... tall as a bloody trailie and goes like a gsxr 1100 .... very nice ... but the new ones look god dam awfull
  13. Wot 'e sed (points up one post).
  14. Since your lower leg is at a greater angle than the 'average' rider you'll probably want to lower the gear lever/brake pedal a little - that's why they're adjustable. ;-)
  15. The other thing you need to consider is where your height is....sounds silly, but its true. I'm 6' and have found the 900SS to be perfect. My body is normal size, but I have legs up to my armpits :oops: :shock: :p

    I think your preferred riding position has a big part to play as well. I tend to sit very forward on the bike and also fairly low.

    I never complain of sore back or wrists, but long trips in leathers hurt my knees (more to do with the knee armour than anything else).

    You really need to sit on as many bikes as you can and ride them if possible. If you can't take them for a test ride, make sure you sit for a little while in a riding position (i.e. don't just sit on it....SIT on it! :wink: ).

    Also, get the measurements of the bikes you do have a look at. Maybe you can get closer by trying to find a bike that has the same peg to seat height as one bike and the same seat to bar length as another bike......

    Happy hunting!!

    :D :D :D
  16. A tall-ish friend ended up with a Yamaha TDM850 or 800. It suited his ergnomic profile.