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"Bike for Sale - Never been on Track"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ljiljan, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Why is the fact that a bike has never been to the track a selling point for the bike? Do track days drop a bikes value by $1000 each time? I can understand why never been raced would be a good thing with the race/road conversion, just not track day. Enlighten me please.

  2. woman for sale never been in the kitchen.

    i guess people think that people who track a bike take less care when i think it would be the opposite. But components do where faster on the track though mostly marginal.
  3. or even WEAR faster....
  4. If you're a half decent rider, your bike gets worked hard! That means wear n tear on the whole machine has been much higher for the same given mileage, than the bikes that spend their days parked outside cafe's on sunny days. :)

    Of course...a visit to a track day once in a while does'nt do a bike too much harm, if the rider cares about his machine.

  5. im not really concerned if they have been tracked, they are essentially made for it (i assume we are talking sportsbikes)

    if a car was tracked I would be a little more concerned
  6. people will think the bikes have been thrashed, i reckon a track day will do more good for a bike than bad
  7. I love about my Saphy and I've taken her to the track 3 times and flogged the f--k outta her each time, does that mean I'm a bad man?
  8. Perhaps a track day is the motorcyclist's equivalent of an evening at the Hellfire club :wink:
  9. Maybe, She likes it Rough.
  10. Next bike I sell will be advertised with: Always raced, always ridden in the rain, never serviced, dropped 10 or 12 times, possibly stolen, yada yada yada.

    See what kind of offers I get. :)
  11. ill take you up on that, i need a bike :p
  12. As long as your Saphy is a bike no it doesnt.
  13. Sports-bikes need a good thrash every now and then, blow out the cobwebs (and carbon build-ups etc)

    But yeah, the accelerated wear of mechanical componants at track pace riding I think is the turn-off for those that don't understand.
  14. Most race bikes are looked after much better.
  15. i think that if you are just starting out like me, then you may not want a molested machine, even if it has been improved for the track.

    for a person looking for a track weapon, then its an opportunity to buy a bike with R&D already done, so its a great opportunity to buy a ready made beast....

    if you KNOW what you want, and the bike seems in good order, then why not get a track bike?

    the cars i have bought over 25 years that have been pottered along in the city by cautious people, ran sluggish. the ones thrashed in the country (bought 4 in a row) all revved their tits off.
  16. Heard of an ad once "Norton Dominator 99S, butchered battered and bodged. Goes like the hammers of Hell. Sounds like 'em too. $Cheap.

    Allegedly it sold within minutes of the ad appearing, to the first bloke at the head of a sizeable queue.
  17. Really? Over the past 10 years I've taken my car to three times as many track days as I have bikes.
  18. This sort of ad would appeal to me, I prefer honesty any day over a 10 line ad that you just know is full of crap as soon as you see the bike, Turns you of buying it straight away.
  19. One old lady rider ...
  20. "never ridden in the rain" is funnier. Those sellers must have special bikes that somehow clean themselves without the use of moisture but don't mind me that's an entirely different can of worms.