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Bike for newbie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Castlegreyskull, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. HI there, i am considering buying a moto (roadie) very shortly, as i have just got my L's. BUt i do not know what models are good and which are bad. Could anyone tell me What they think on the differnt models that you can buy. I only have about $3,000, as that is all i could save up. Any advice would be good.

    Cheers. :D
  2. Based on you budget :newb: it seems a lot go for the Across, you get a handbag thrown in 8)
  3. You really need to decide which style of bike you like (cruiser, naked, sports etc), best bet with that budget would be to buy private though it doesn't hurt to check out the dealers to see what's available. There's quite a few early 90's model bikes and grey imports that fit your budget, all have their own advantages and disadvantges but most seem to do what they were designed for pretty well.
  4. hahahahahaha castle grey skull :LOL: :LOL: god damn i miss the he-man toons :D

    on your budget, best bikes available would probably be the GPX, ZZR, FZR, across, spada, bandit (early model) NFI on cruisers tho, they've never taken my fancy so i've never bothered looking at them.

    GPX is a great little commuter, faring isn't the best but it makes a great get around bike. ZZR has the same motor with more faring and a heavier frame, gets about the same milage and would be a bit better for the really long trips. FZR is a little rocket, same sort of performance as the CBR/ZXR but they're a bit older so can go for less. across is a handbag, apparently an ok bike, but i wouldn't stand within 10m of one for fear of losing some of my masculinity :LOL: . spada is a cool little vtwin, goes and handles well but its a bit small for the taller person, can be hard to find under $3k despite being really old. and the bandit is an inline 4 naked bike, you wont get a V model for that but even the earlier bandit would be the pick of the bunch in my opinion :D

    and if your interested, a friend of mine has a GPX that she wants to sell, have a look....

    and just wait for the drilling on gear, god thats fun :LOL:
  5. ok well since you didn't warn him i will.

    Buy all you riding gear first, then what you have left is what you have left to spend on the bike. Hopefully if you buy decent gear everything (form boot's, pants jackets, gloves and of course helmet) this will save alot of time of the bike. Best of luck with your search though :wink:
  6. And don't forget to budget about $1000 for gear at a minimum (if that isn't included in the buying of a bike). Once you get jacket, helmet, gloves, pants, and (preferably) riding boots things start to add up. You could probably squeek through with $700 for gear, but $100 is safe.
  7. think you missed a zero :wink:
  8. Nah that seems right: dodgy 2nd hand helmet $60, thongs $10, shorts $20, singlet $10. :LOL:
  9. Cheers everyone. thanks for that. I think i would prefer a naked or sports, not sure which yet, depends what they look like and how they go.

    And hell yeah, i will be buying thongs, shorts and a singlet fo riding. Gotta have the dickhead look. :)
  10. why does everybody forget the cb250 when recommending bikes to newbies?
  11. I won't forget. In fact, I'll recommend it.

    Mind you, if we knew what style and expected types of use it's going to get it would narrow down the field a tad. :)
  12. got a nice CBX250 for sale real good little bike for a learner... actualy I think just about the best...

    loads of new things on it.. $2000 with RWC so just perfect budget bike...