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Bike for my son, now or wait?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hopeless, Jul 8, 2015.

  1. So my son did his perception test for his Green "P" plates tonight ( in Qld). He passed and was feeling cocky so did his learners test for a bike and passed and so he's keen to start straight away. He's never ridden on the road ( Pillion 2-3 times maybe) but rode dirt bikes a little when he was 10 or so. He can't ride either of my bikes as they aren't Lams.

    So I was thinking he should just get himself a newer Suzuki GS500F to learn and ride for a few years. But Also figured he might be better going for his Q-Ride first to make sure he wants to ride. But part of me says some practice before the Qride would benefit him.

    Anyway we can do the maintenance ourselves so maybe an older, smaller bike he could use for a year and flip would work too?

    I dunno, I had no money so I had to buy cheap and repair stuff when I started, he could afford maybe $4000 for a bike.

    any suggestions?

  2. I paid 2 grand for a naked 06 gs500 earlier this year and its been awesome. 4 grand could even get him a much newer and nicer bike. Ive had a mate recently buy a 2012 ninja 300 for 4.5k and ive seen them cheaper. Personally I'd go for an older cheaper bike and have room to possibly tart it up a bit and get good gear :)
    I was told i would drop my first bike and i didnt disappoint haha
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  3. ask your son what he wants to ride
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  4. He wants a cruiser eventually. Not sure thats a great learners bike though. He likes the GS500, the CB400 too. He's pretty timid and not keen on the speed thing, but he's open to anything really.

    I should Add I guess that its mostly for commuting from redcliffe top west end for work
  5. GS500(F) is a great leaner bike, but there are plenty of others out there. I would recommend 500cc over a smaller capacity machine
  6. [ but he's open to anything really.[/QUOTE]
    would you like me to speak to him?
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  7. I'll get him to join up on the weekend. he can then do a some research on his own.
    I ask mainly as I'd like be able to give him some advice.
  8. don't know about that
    I recently borrowed a friends old ninja 300
    had a ball flogged it through the twisties
    easier to learn how to ride well on a small capacity bike
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  9. often advice from a father to son is ignored
    let him make up his own mind
  10. Actually he's pretty good that way.;) He will usually at least listen.

    100% the bike will be his choice, not mine. He likes the newer bikes, I'm more a fan of old shit :wacky:
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  11. tell him to get an H2R
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  12. :LOL: He'd read supercharged and run a mile
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  13. Naked bike would be the way to go, something that can be dropped and repaired fairly cheaply. Perhaps a DRZ400SM or go the route I went with the DRZ400E (dirt bike, that's road legal), I probably use more tyres than someone with a SM, but I like the freedom of seeing a bush path on the side of the road and going exploring. If he likes the idea of going anywhere, anytime, a supermoto would be great. If he wants to stick to the road all the time, it may not be the best choice because they rev fairly hard on the highways (can do it though!).
  14. I like the idea of a naked, though I miss having a fairing at 100k's :bored:
    I hadn't thought of an Adventure style bike
  15. Fairings on small bikes do little to nothing really. That said if he wants a cruiser one day, buy a small cruiser. If it's what he wants he'll be encouraged to ride more, and riding more is practise, and practise is what makes good riding.
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  16. Well being a young bloke myself and getting my DR400 the day after I got my Ps, I must say I enjoy the fact I can do anything. If I get invited out bush, I can go out bush, if invited to go out on the road or gravel, I can. I also like the fact I don't need to trailer my bike everywhere to go out riding, just hop on and go wherever I want.
  17. Let him buy his own bike definitely. He will have a better appreciation for it and will less likely throw it down the road because of that.

    That said I'm glad I didn't have a motorcycle when I was younger. Given how silly I'm on one now I'd probably not be here if I had.
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  18. lol that's funny to hear Uncle GregUncle Greg , from memory you weren't thrilled about the prospect of the little ninja having to fill in for your Trumpy!

    They are a fun and easy bike to ride, and handle surprisingly well. Sure, well down in power if you're used to bigger and better, but if you keep the revs high it winds along pretty nicely.
  19. CB400 sounds like a good start for someone who is not that much into speed and also considers commuting on a bike. A comfortable, easy to ride bike that is not that pricy and is reasonably cheap to run. It's not really a cruiser of course, but I think it's a good machine for a learner. Besides, if your son haven't really ridden road bikes, his preferences might change dramatically. I for one, was almost entirely sure I wanted a cruiser before I bought my first bike. Ended up choosing a naked(CB250) and now am planning to upgrade into a modern style sporty naked(MTs and such).
  20. The CB400 is on the list.
    he currently feels a naked bike might suit him best. He's looking at CB250-400 or a VT250. He's got a mate that loves his little ninja too so thats on the radar.

    Also feels an older, cheaper bike he can afford to drop while learning is the go, with an upgrade in a year or so.
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