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Bike for Learners ( In particular Megelli )

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Eddyc9, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Hey guys
    I'm a 20year old student living in Sydney ( eastern suburbs ) close to the beaches, I got my L's last year but due to tearing my knee apart (twice) in 2 years (sports...), wasn't able to go onto my P's, so I'm going to get my L's again as it's the best (fun and cheap) mode of transport around sydney.

    Anyways Back to the point of this thread, I was looking around for motorbikes (gumtree, ebay, tradingpost and what not) and was looking at a few bikes that might interest me. I'm going to be honest and say that I don't want a bike that's old, and yes I know old bikes are usually more reliable and all, but personally I want something more recent (preferably post 2005). Also, I don't think that getting a 125cc bike would be in my interest as I'm 6ft1 and about 80kilos so really would much prefer a 250 or even possibly a 400/600.

    One bike, that i've seen a few models of, caught my eye and that's the Megelli 250s (note the 's' and not 'r'), this is the naked version that resembles the ducati 659. The majority of the models (that I can afford) are the 2009 models. Esthetically they are very pleasing as I prefer the naked look on bikes compared to the faired look (Yes, I had a hyosung gt250r that I sold to pay for knee reconstruction, which deters me from faired bikes now). But performance, reliability and resale wise, I haven't heard anything. There aren't any reviews available, and everyone seems to talk about the 250r and not the 250s. Are they the same performance wise? or is there a difference in that domaine? Is the bike good overall and worth it?

    I would like to know as much as possible about Megelli, seeing as they're a "chinese" made bike designed in europe. Reliability, parts, servicing, things to look out for... anything you can think of would really help. The bikes that I've seen are between 1800-2500$AU to give you a sense of my student budget. :-w

    I only really need a bike for commuting and possible cruising with some friends, although I do like to have fun on a bike. I'm not interested in racing or anything hardcore so suggesting a $10k bike is useless to me. I'm not really looking at buying a brand new bike seeing as my budget is low, but a good 2nd hand bike is always the way to go! Anyways I'd really like to hear from you guys and i'll see what you all suggest!

  2. chinese bikes = shit...megelli's general reputation = Shit

    i just looked it up...LOL....megelli's are single pot's?

    read it in a few places this is just a rip from wikipedia here
    "Megelli has finished working on a 250 cc engine version for the American, Asia and Australian markets. The bore and stroke was increased from 56.5 × 49.5 mm (2.22 × 1.95 in) to 65.5 × 68 mm (2.58 × 2.7 in). Keeping with the single-cylinder four-stroke design has meant that horsepower was increased from 11 hp to around 16 hp. Weight was increased from 110 to 112.5 kg (240 to 248 lb). The 250 is available as in the same three configurations as the 125R/S/M."

    sir...if you want the bike for cruising with friends...i doubt you'll want a single pot 250 with 16hp....the cbx i've got in the driveway is a singlepot four valve with 24hp...and it's horrifically gutless compared to the old bikes you want to steer clear from...i doubt the megelli will happily go past 7k rpm which means you will forever be changing gears and wanting more...there's a reason we like and suggest old bikes mate...it's not just reliability...but especially when it comes to the 250's ...they were just ****ing balls out amazing when it comes to the power offered compared to the new bikes....take a look at the specs on the old zxr250's n cbr250rr's yes the new bikes have better technology and probably lighter and could happily keep up most of the time...but it's just not the same feeling in my opinion (that's all this is..an opinion so dont get in a big huff about it)

    just buy a newish ninja or a cbr like the rest of humanity that want's something new and flashy to bin.....i hear the new cbr250's have cupholders for your coffee.

    ...really thought...bullshit aside.
    if you want a naked bike that's reasonably new...stop dicking around with poofter brands and buy a honda cb400....it's exactly what you want and will more than likely hold it's value quite well for when you do decide to sell it.


    TWO other things mate

    firstly - seeing as it's your first post, welcome...from what i can see i congratulate you on posting in the right section of the forum..
    Secondly - Welcome lounge... start a thread & introduce yourself there - it's asked of all new members before they do anything else.
  3. You're not going to have much choice for $1500 to $2500, but there are things out there... It really depends what you want. You could pick up a spada for that much (naked older version of the VTR 250), which will probably do everything you want and more... But stay away from the chinese (Y)
  4. The fact that you can find a 3 year old Megelli for far less than a third of it's original price, should tell you something about the confidence people have in their long-term reliability.

    Given your budget my suggestion would be to hunt around for a late-model (00-07) GPX, or stretch the budget a little and go for an early model (08-09) 250 Ninja.
  5. $2500 all limits you. You need more money. I wouldnt go the mejelli unless you could work on the bike yourself.

    Sometimes you can pick up old dirt bikes for $2500. I picked up my drz for $2k. It will be faster than the mejelli and fit you better. A dirt bike with dual purpose tyres will outhandle a mejelli.
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  6. megelli's a ****in shit! too many issues with their quality to spare them a second thought.
    for 2k I would be looking at either a kawasaki gpx250 or a zzr250

    or a suzuki gsx250f across

    both can be easily got for about 2k

    if I had to choose between these two I would get an across. they are awesome lol
  7. Thanks guys, it really helps when people have quite a bit more experience and can advise better things, I guess i'll avoid the chinese brands and stick to something more common and known, hopefully I get lucky and find a deal that'll be worth it!! Just a bit rough to stretch the budget, specially on a students budget xP

    87crisis - I'll hit up the welcome lounge right now and introduce myself, so all's good! But really appreciate your opinion on the bikes, although it's just an opinion, it's probably more valuable to me than most shop sellers marketing post.

    Krollinator - I know my budget isn't the highest, that's why i'm trying to see what people think is best for this kind of budget.

    jd - The only problem with getting those bikes ( gpx and ninja ) is that they're faired bikes which is something I want to avoid after having my last motorbike.

    Vertical c - Yeah I'm sorry to admit that I'd rather keep the dirt bikes on the dirt track and road bikes on the road, that's kind of the way I see it, I used to ride dirt bikes when I was younger and really isn't something I'd feel comfortable on riding on the road.

    abadacus - I also test rided an old across, but just didn't feel great on it with the tank being storage space and just couldn't get comfortable on it after riding for about a full day.

    I know it's my own fault, but It sucks that i'm limited to such a low about of naked motorbikes in my price range, I guess i'll have to wait a bit more to increase my budget a bit before I can do anything really...
  8. look eddy man i dont know why you seem to have this hatred for faired bike's all of a sudden - more to the point maybe you should seriously consider a cheap older faired bike as it's what your budget permit's and alot of them are seemingly bulletproof....and then use it until you DO have the funds to get the type of bike you want....we all gotta start somewhere (even if it is the second time around) ....basically...you might find a bargain naked you like and more power to ya if you do...but what does it matter if it gets you on two wheels again? a bike's a bike ....unless it's a megelli/laro/hunter/kymco/hyosung.
  9. You could buy a poster bike, though I think that would definitely avoid any potential fun.

    On the upside, if it breaks down you can simply carry it home, and very easy to park and cheap to run.

    Then you can save up for when your restrictions are over.
  10. I don't have a hatred towards faired bikes, I just find the slim look of a naked bike is so much nicer ( to me personally ). For example if by any chance, I or someone else drops my bike, I don't really want to be paying another 400$ to get another set of fairings, it's more the extra cost and likelyhood of damaging the fairings that bothers me.

    Although I have to disagree on the hyosung not being a good bike. My dad rode it for 2 years before I had a go on it, and it was a great bike to ride, just the bulkyness was annoying.

    You actually can have fun on a postie bike, believe it or not. I had a go on one and really seem to be able to throw the thing around like crazy before it had any problem.

    I agree that a bike is a bike, and I know that you start with whatever you can. I was just stating that if it was possible to get a naked bike first time off, then that'd definitly be my choice ( hence why I looked at the megelli ). I wasn't at all saying that the faired bikes are bad in any way.
  11. hyosung...i agree and it's been mentioned countless times...they aren't horrific bikes but they have a horrid reputation for hit and miss quality....some people don't have a issue with their's whilst other's have non-stop problem's.

    i apologise for putting words in your mouth as it wasn't my intention and like all of us your entitled to your own opinion and we can't tell you what you like....so i think i'll leave this thread here to avoid anymore stupidity on my part - best of luck sir.
  12. I guess I just got lucky with my Hyosung really, didn't have any problem with it apart from once when the ignition cable came loose and it didn't want to start, all needed was to connect it back again.

    Yeah, nothing much you can do when it comes to someone's opinions, they don't really change that often, I was just looking for a bit of advice from more experienced riders on what would be more adequate for a learner.

    Thanks for your help 87crisis
  13. After all the bad rep Hyosung have gained on this forum alone, I find it hard to sympathise with anyone still willing to consider buying one.
    Or any other cheap ass brand for that matter.
  14. i dont have the experience but will throw 2 cents in anyway,
    buy and older bike ( you have to due to budget) and buy bigger than 250.
  15. Try pricing a clutch or alternator housing for a naked ;). Not having fairings doesn't necessarily mean a bike will be cheaper to fix, since if you don't have plastic panels dragging along the ground that just means that something else is (also note that frame sliders/crash knobs can also cause more damage than they prevent).

    If you can't afford to crash it - don't buy it.
  16. O jeeebus , I have a young totally insane friend.He has one of these megelli`s and thrashes it everywhere. lucky he is so light it carry`s him no probs and takes his abuse.

    Now i`ll have to wonder for how long.
  17. save a little more and go for a GS500, i would say its your best bet, get a cheap one with high mileage thats been looked after, they go forever. for someone your size your going to want a gs, it will be able to move you with ease. If you can get a bit more money you could go for a GS500F, which has the benefit of a full fairing.
  18. I agree with Unco, in fact I've had a GS for about 6 months or so that might be for sale soon around your pricerange (well maybe $3something)! Some scratches but otherwise awesome :) I'm 6'1" as well and out of the unrestricted LAMS bikes its easily the best option. After a few weeks the 250s just feel like a kiddies bike!!
  19. Taking into account ongoing running costs as well as the initial outlay, two single cylinder naked road bikes that should be within your budget are the Honda CBF250 and Yamaha Scorpio 225. Both are smallish, but also quite light and economical. Servicing is a doddle. The GPX250 is stil worth looking at since it sort of has less bodywork than the likes of the ZZR. The Honda CB250 is also a naked twin that sold in good numbers for quite a while, so should be easy to find, although the single pot bikes are generally lighter.