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Bike for learner to commute 20 k's, but with 5km on dirt rd

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by powinc, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. I plan to get my learners later this month and plan to travel to work two days a week by bike. But 5 of the 20km I travel to work is usealed. So a scooter maybe out of the question.

    I'm thinking about getting a Sachs 125 or is there something else with a bit of suspension travel that might handle the dirt road??

  2. One of the more road oriented traillies such as Yamaha's XT250 would do the job very well.
  3. Considered a trailie?
  4. Or an XR250.
  5. TTR250
    Kawasaki Sherpa (KLR250)
    CT110 Postie Bike

    Depending on condition of the road, just about any road bike that isn't a race replica will be nearly as easy to ride. The more dirt oriented bikes come into their own when you run lower tyre pressures more suitable to the dirt (20 psi or less) but then they are going to shred tyres and handle poorly on sealed roads. Is the dirt section in good condition? Flat and straight? Twisty, windy and off camber in places? More info!
  6. I leaning towards an upright road bike like a CB250 or the Madass 125. I don't think a CT110 will go fast enough, when I hit the open road.

    The road is dead straight and is normally smooth with some loose gravel in sections.
  7. trust me, neither will a madass 125!
    I reckon theyre great for a short trip , and you'll be struggling to get over 80kph- but for less than 3k new , theyre a bargain
    largely depends on your budget- newer 250 trail bikes are also good buying eg KLX 250S
  8. Mate, I do a 150km round trip commute to work that includes 18kms of dirt road on my VTR250.
    Just take it easy on the gravel and you will have no dramas.
    You don't need a trailie to cover 5kms of gravel road! :LOL:
    Get a good road bike and take it easy on the unsealed stuff and you will be just fine.
  9. If you want a bit more of a hoot both on and off road, try the Suzuki DR series. I've been hacking around on a recent model DRZ400 and think its excellent for both in town, out of town and rough riding through the bush with mates. 7k new in some places, cheaper secondhand of course. Read my review of them thats in this forum category...they aren't a bad bike at all.

    Having said that, dirt roads are nothing to be afraid of on a bike as long as you keep it reasonable and just go a lot easier than you normally would then work your way up to where you are comfortable and know what to experience on dirt v tarmac. So pretty much anything is up for it, you know?
  10. Or if you want the best of both worlds get a motard like the DRZ400SM. good on dirt (Depending on tyres but even pilot powers go good on dirt once you get used to it moving around), wicked in tight twisty stuff. will hit 150km/h with factory gearing and they last forever and dont require alot of maintenance... and you can make them look pretty nice too!

    Here my old one:
  11. I ended up buying a VTR250 and if I take it slow, it does it easily.