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Bike for a short legged rider?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ursus, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. I currently have Yamaha XVS650 Custom. Thouhg I like it a lot, the cruising posture hurts my back, and it seems I have to change the style, probably to sport/sport tourer. I have short legs, and many bikes have too high a seat to be comfortable. I am also still on my learners. Could you guys recommend LAMS approved low sports bike?

  2. Seeing as you mentioned sports: Ninja, CBR (especially the old one. The seat is like, on the ground), RVF, etc etc. Lots of older sports bikes have a crazy low seat. You can also get the seat lowered on quite a number of bikes.
  3. I found this site helpful:


    I got a 250 virago because of my shortness lol. I'm 5ft1. I like the V Star 650s, hopefully that will be my next bike in a few years when I can afford it. I hope you can find something :)
  4. I found most of the naked bikes to be a reasonable height, the lowest of all being the ducati monsters. The gladius and the er-6n are reasonable i reckon. im about 5ft8.
  5. You could change the Cruiser posture with some risers, maybe some highway pegs and a different seat or air/gel cushion.

    I think the problem with my 1100 Classic is the shape of the saddle.. they tend to push your butt cheeks together around the tailbone causing pressure... and.. the handlebars are too low and too far forward to sit back more comfortably... so you tend to slouch forward.

  6. That site is incredible!
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  7. I have seen an ad where they lower your bike to suit in the back of some of the motobike mags. I would ask if/ how much it affects the suspension. It may be a solution??? I just saw the ad. I have short legs I have an old 93 gsxr and manage.
    If it wasn't for short people, no-one would be tall...
    Good luck in your quest and hope you find what suits you.
  8. That website is just awesome.
  9. Another member posted it on here ages ago, I didn't know anything like it existed. I was thinking earlier that it would be even better if it had some specs of the bikes, the weight of them in particular. It seem that many bikes are suited better for men, especially cruisers. I love cruisers, but finding one that isn't a 250 that's lightweight and suitable for someone as short as me can be difficult. I was surprised when I sat on a V Star 650 and found it easy to pull it up off the stand and upright.

    One thing I'd have to watch out for is parking, if I parked on a slope, even a slight one and I had to push it backwards to get it out of the park I'd have no hope haha.
  10. What about nakeds? If they're an option: Street Triple.
  11. doesnt seem to take into account suspension sag...but very cool site
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  12. My wife struggled with the height of her ER6F but went to a CB400 and has had no problems, it is also LAMS approved
  13. I'm 5 foot 1 inch. I ride a Virago 1100cc which has a low seat height, but even then I still had to get the suspension lowered right to the max, as well as rotating the handlebars down a little and buying boots with extra height soles. Some seats may be low but wide, and so that doesn't really help much either. Good luck with finding the right bike, as another shorty, I sympathise!
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  14. You need to figure out what part of the bike posture is hurting you.

    If it is the upright seating position (normally signified by pain in the tailbone), a different seat will help. Stocks are all pretty hard, and that is for all brands. Customs are often thinner, making you closer still to the ground. They're not cheap though, look second hand.

    If it is your shoulders, you're probably leaning too far forward. In that case a change to a sporty isn't going to improve anything. In this case, invest 50 bucks on a set of pull back risers. It'll move the bars up and backwards towards you reducing how far forward you need to go.

    Finaly, think about your leg position. If your floorboards are wrong, than you can either move them (again, 50 bucks to offset them an inch or two forward or back) or swap them for pegs, which allow you to have your feet on what ever angle you want as opposed to what ever the board angle is.
  15. Hi Robin,

    Where do you get risers for $50 ?

    I'm looking around and can't find anything under $100 and sometimes almost $200. Any help is greatfully accepted.
  16. CruiserCustomizing.com or JCMotors.com are worth a look.
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  17. I would rather learn to ride and have all bikes on my list.
  18. Sounds like a fair call but there are people who are so short they struggle.

    LizzyM cannot even flat foot her CB250 at 750mm seat height. I bought my XJ600 purely on the basis of it's low seat height for her but she can't even get it off the side stand as she is too short. She has only ridden it once, in a car park with people holding it while she took off and then she was finished she had to come in and stop between two catchers.

    The problem for really short people is not riding bikes it is stopping on bikes.

    But she now lusts after a CB400 which she has ridden and can just about tippy toe.