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Bike for a...larger gentleman.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by benzau, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    I'm 6 foot 7, and quite hefty..And I'm after some bike recommendations...

    I'm looking for something LAMS approved (about to do the pre-rider training, nervous!), and affordable as well :)

    One of the guys at work suggested a Yamaha XVS650.. Which looks like a nice bike, but I'm after some other recommendations as well so I can suss out and work out whats best!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Yep, any of the larger cruisers would be a good bet. If you want something sportier you could try a GS500 or ER-5 but even they might be a tight fit for you.

    A really good option would be a dual purpose or trail bike. I think BMW offer a lams approved bike. Otherwise look at a KLR or an XR or the DZR's. :)

    Edit: any dirt bike is easily fitted with road tyres. Motards rock!
  3. Hi benzau,

    In addition to what the guys above have said, if you're after something on the sports-touring side in terms of appearance, you might want to also look into the Suzuki GSX650F, which is LAMS.

    For additional info on Suzuki LAMS bikes, check out the link below :


    Good luck and happy hunting ! :cool:
  4. I'm getting a Suzuki GSX650FU, and I am 6'2" and a fat bastard. It seems much more comfortable than my Honda CB250. For me, its all about the leg position. If it requires my knees to be up near my chest, thats going to get painful after a while.
  5. the DL 650 Suzi V-Strom.

    not sure if its LAMS (think it is) but that would be good for you.
  6. KTM LC4 or a Husky 610. Get a taller seat on it, some bar raisers and it'll be made for you.
  7. I'm not as tall as you, but I'm pretty heavy and I got a Suzuki GS500F. Excellent bike and I'd recommend it highly if you want a Sports or a Tourer. You can get it naked or faired, and depending on how "used" you are willing to go, they can be well priced.

    I also toyed with the idea of the Suzuki GSX650FU. From what I've read they are also a very nice large LAMS bike. I didn't go down this path for two reasons. First they are a faily new LAMS model, so you will struggle to find a used one for a reasonable mark-down from new. Second, it still isn't clear at all if they can be legally and cheaply de-restricted once you are off restrictions. If money wasn't a problem and you managed to find out about de-restriction, then you could take a serious look at this bike.

  8. +1

    I have a 610 and its fantastic.
  9. I'm 178cm, nearly 100kgs and the ZZR250 is awesome!

    and they're cheap too
  10. +1 on the GS500.

    I'm 6'4" and 110 kg (yeah, I'm going to fix that somehow...)

    Anyway, I have a GS500 and it's fine. It's not the fastest bike on the planet but it's fast enough and seems friendly and predictable. I adjusted the pre-load up on the rear (the only pre-load you get) by 1 x notch: that made it a little less saggy.
  11. netrider has grown up... no one posted an exercise bike
  12. Can't........not on the Vicroads list.....
  13. I have a BMW Scarver. It's a 650. I'm 170cm and a pretty big girl and it's a little too big for me. I reckon it would easily take someone a lot bigger. I guess they are a little pricey, but mine has an awesome stuff bay, heated hand grips and ABS and it's very kind to ride. :cool: