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Bike fixed!! Gsxr 600 K3 wont start when hot.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by whitevenom, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    I jes wanna share the story hope it maybe useful to others.
    I had problem where my bike gsxr 600 k3 wont start when the reading showed 85 and beyond but this problem was not constant. Talked to my friends and told to get new battery (havent changed over 5yrs) as the voltage may dropped too low to fire spark plugs. But problem still exist.

    Then i went to my normal (nondealer) mech and showed the problem and he managed to fire up the bike. The mech thought its the sensor and ECU problem and wont accept my bike (I appreciate his honesty). As the bike stand idle, it then shut itself as if it came from ECU.

    He then recommended (he knows the person) me a dealer in Sydney far west. The dealer found the problem that the throttle body position was WAY off, two cylinders running rich, tight valve clearance and slight damaged crank positioning sensor. He got me a second hand sensor and fixed the rest. I can feel more power and smoother idle and rev. dealer guy told me to be careful where to service the bike as normal mech dont have the computer and his workshop would check this on every service (he claimed).

    All this time I always go to a non-dealer bike mech and never use dealer workshop for service. Should I change my servicing habit and pay more to service my bike to dealer?? despite many netrider members recommend this non-dealer mech for service....any thoughts??
  2. Ask 50 people what they think of a mechanic and you're guaranteed to get a few that think he's the most amazing man in the world, and a few that think he's the worst.

    In your case your "nondealer" mechanic gave you good advice, steered you in the right direction to get it fixed and didn't rip you off - he sounds awful. :p

    If it was me I'd buy him some stubbies as a thank you for not trying to fix it (and charging you for the pleasure) 5 or 6 times.

    You have to choose your mechanic btw. I'm not telling you to go with either one