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Bike films free on the net

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, May 15, 2011.

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    Here are three (whole) bike films and one documentary I came across and watched on youtube in the last couple of days:

    Psychomania [media=youtube]vhsSSQgy9nQ[/media]
    A British bikie club discovers a way to come back from the dead, and sets about suiciding then rising again and terrorising the streets. I expected this to be pretty bad, but it was actually quite enjoyable – a pleasant mix of good riding scenes and bad ‘60s horror.

    Hells Angels ’69 [media=youtube]Xo7eRK4eA3s[/media]
    I expected worse from this film but in fact man it’s a pretty freakin’ wild trip. Worth watching - not that bad a film.

    Werewolves on wheels [media=youtube]n0hC2rK1oTk[/media]
    A biker club interrupt satanic monks, and then their members start getting picked off by werewolves. They soon discover that the enemy is within. Definitely a B-grade exploitation film, but fun enough to be worth watching.

    Early Hells Angels England documentary [media=youtube]GV5LiwP2nA0[/media]
    A documentary on the beginnings of the Hells Angels in England. Rather interesting, inglorious and condescending in terms of the commentary, with some cool ride scenes.

    You should have all seen these, but for those who haven’t, watch them first, this is the really good stuff:
    Stone [media=youtube]LxQtr_x_foY[/media]
    Easy Rider [media=youtube]bvLpJod8nt0[/media]
    The Wild One [media=youtube]9tLU_-8VIrs[/media]
    On Any Sunday [media=youtube]whjviUck9G0[/media]

    I looked for 'I bought a vampire motorcycle', to include vampires in the mix of (rather intelligent) zombies and werewolves, but no luck. Also, I'm dying to find Wild Angels if anybody comes across it.

    Some of these films are broken into ten minute sections and uploaded, others are uploaded unbroken. Please add any other bike films or documentaries freely available on youtube or the like. Whole films and documentaries only, no teasers or trailers etc.

  2. great effort mattb :)

    Im gunna be checking these out later for sure (if anybody aint seen stone, nows your chance to see the classic aussie cult film - no more excuses about not being able to find it lol)
  3. Thanks for sharing..
  4. Cool, thanks
  5. I've finally seen stone now, thanks matt! It was actually pretty good.
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  7. 8 parts to this doco/ad: