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Bike Failed Inspection - Help

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Bosco, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    took my bike for an inspection at Dic kson in the ACT to get it onto my name...
    they failed it at the last minute, like the guy was walking back with my copy of the passed inspection report than he saw the pipe and asked me to ride it outside to do a noise test. result was the pipe was too loud apparently - they never gave me a dB reading so I have no idea what it was :cry:

    Can anyone help me try an fix it to get it through the inspection? not sure what i can do?

    I wouldnt normally go through dic kson cos I've heard they're a bunch of cocky bastards, but i was told I needed to get an ID inspection done too - which was not the case as the bike is a 96 build and the shopfront person who didnt know anything took it on the 2003 compliance date...

    So yeah what can i do to get it passed the inspection??
  2. Try stuffing the cans with steel wool. It'll blow out eventually, but it may get you past the meter.
  3. +1 - Split the headers from the tailpipe. (Easy job, of it's not a custom one-piece), then jam a wad of steel wool in (a small handfull). make sure a few strands are jammed in between the header and silencer (to stop it blowing through mid-test), then go for your test (make sure _you_ notice an audible difference to intensity).


    Naturally, as you'd choose not violate any sound laws, you'd leave it in. Naturally.
  4. You can buy exhaust baffles from CMC.
  5. bosco send me a pm, i have a silencer here somewhere you can use for the test :grin:, providing it fits of course
  6. Not to sure on ACT law/rego' requirements. They should give u a copy of the sound/db test, 96 db's legal noise test NSW.
    Steel wool or any muffler packing should get u out of trouble or take up James kind offer, failing that, go to a M/C friendly examiner.

    tex & Bundy
  7. +1 Steel Wool
  8. They are usually pretty thorough at Dic kson and seem to take great delight in knocking people back. I took one of my cars there once and they seemed to be trying really hard to fail it, I had a racing seat and I think it was like a red rag to a bull, the guy inspecting it called over another guy and they both looked at it for a while then they tried to shake it off the mounting bracket, then they called over another guy to have a look... but in the end they couldn't justify failing it and it passed :p

    When I had my bike inspected I took it to the local mechanic who performed the noise test by asking me to start it up and seeing if it was louder than his harley! It passed of course :wink:
  9. What is an ID inspection? I bought my '86 bike from NSW and got it inspected by Belconnen Exhaust. Didn't have too much trouble getting the ACT rego. Only troublesome bit is claiming back the NSW rego and CTP.