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bike ergonomics

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stu_h, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. This is awesome!

    Map out the ergonomics based on your body onto loads of bikes..


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  2. Interesting the bike I have has me at
    Knee Bend: 119°
    Forward lean: 26°

    The bike I am thinking of changing to is
    Knee Bend: 96°
    Forward lean: 13°
  3. Neat, playing with it now :p.

    113 and 17 on the zzr apparently, and the VFR id like is 113 and 24.
    113 and 20 with 2" risers ive been recommended... so roughly the same... like :).
  4. The R1's new riding position...

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  5. My mrs just called you a pr1ck for vilifying her new bike!!!!!
  6. Hahaha :p.
    My missus tells me im a prick all the time so im immune to it now :p.

    Still having fun (am at work and need simple distractions...)... as attached :p.
    It seems that sometime after being 27 feet tall, they are "too short" to reach the handlebars.

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    • lol.
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  7. The 2011 speed triple felt "tighter" in the leg room but this says slightly More leg room!?
  8. Hilarious
  9. According to this thing I can't get my feet down on the DR... leaves my feet hanging a few inches in the air.Test ride yesterday says otherwise... guess it doesn't take sag into consideration.
  10. works for me

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  11. There Is a setting for sag once you click feet

    It asks the suspension compression distance ? I think.
  12. this is a lot of fun.
    at 9 feet tall, one would think i should be able to ride anything
    however, with my 21 inch inseam it would appear i'm having some issues