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Bike dropped...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rob_, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Went to a party last night, where two friends took it upon themselves to get on my bike when i wasnt there (without my permission). They of course promptly dropped it. :mad: Luckily it was on grass. Still, right hand mirror wrecked, it attached to the handlebars with the front master cylinder, part of which snapped, so that all needs to be replaced. Scratched bar end, but VTR250s dont have removable bar ends, so needs a whole new handlebar, various other bits and pieces, totalling over $460... plus labour...

    lucky the exhaust was not damaged, otherwise there would have been an easy extra $500+... of course, they will be paying for it all, none of the repairs will cost me a dime, but its a major major pain in the arse. i keep my bike immaculate, absolutely perfect, and to have it damaged by someone made/makes my head explode. :mad:

    anybody elses pride and joy suffer a similar fate?
  2. Geez - that's rude of them!

    I'd be hittin' them up for some cash :?
  3. Bugger hey!

    At least you know the people and can get them to pay.
    Would be much worse if some strangers did it and then disappeared. I'm sure that would have happened plenty of times around the place.

    Good luck with the repairs.
  4. yeah, one of em is my best mate! the other was some random chick at the party. and i'm not paying a cent. if they refuse, i'll claim it on insurance and let the insurance company chase them. plenty of witnesses...
  5. Yeah don't take that crap, even from friends! :p If my friends pulled that $hit you can bet they'd be paying!

    Good luck with speedy repairs.
  6. You toucha my bike, I breaka you face!!!
  7. I would crush their larynx
  8. See if your insurance company can replace your friends! :LOL:
  9. If that happened to me, i would be locked up i reckon.. When do people actually realise touching a mans bike is like touching a mans woman.. Its the biggest no no.. :evil:
  10. + 1. However I probably wouldn't really crush their larynx - not in real life anyway. I'd most likely glare at them. In anger and disbelief and disappointment.. (hmm..just doesn't have the same effect as 'crush their larynx'.


    Sorry to hear about the VTR Rob. Get it fixed all like new again and then we'll have to head out for a ride. :)
  11. oh if i had walked out of a party and seen that my mate had dropped my bike like that, definately he would have copped a shot to the face...
  12. It is actually an offence to "interfer with a motor vehicle". Even to let the tyres down, this is also to stop idiots doing what they've to your bike.
  13. its tempting, but its pretty hard to get money out of them if
    a)they are dead
    b)you are in jail
    c)all of the above

    i must say, i was pretty proud of my self control in that regard (i.e. not physically hurting anyone)
  14. Sorry but I gotta disagree with others in here. Theyre mates. Well one of them is anyway. Your BEST mate infact.

    Im pretty sure he didnt intend to drop your bike. Im pretty sure it was the last thing he wanted to do. He probably feels like a complete prick. By all means, I love my bike but Id chose a "good" mate over it any day of the week.

    Wasnt too long ago that I gave my keys to my best mate to take my ute for a spin. This thing was brand new (Holden VZSS) and Id just finished pouring about $20k in to doing it up. Engine, wheels, the works. He took it, smashed the rear end within 10 minutes and came back with his tail between his legs. He told me about it and was shitting himself but the first thing I said was "are you ok?" He paid for the repairs. Everyone was happy. Your bike is only an ITEM. It can be fixed or replaced. Mates arent so easy.

    Also, my old ladt smashed a car of mine once. I got home and she was crying in the living room and was too scared to tell me what had happend. Fearing that I would hate her for smashing my pride and joy. (at the time!) I couldnt give a flying fu$k if the car was totalled, so long as my loved ones are ok. Still upsets me to this day seeing her on the couch crying and shaking. :cry:
    Sorry for the long winded reply.
  15. No, thank you for that post.
  16. bambam_101, i totally agree with you there. the thing that really arked me up tho was that they both denied doing it. i guess he was drunk and maybe a bit scared as such, but it would have made everything a lot easier/calmer if he;d just said "rob, i'm so sorry. look, what happened is...etc etc" instead they both denied anywrongdoing, which was just not cricket.

    in any case, 15 minutes later, once details etc were sorted (with the random girl) we were sorta kinda making semi-jokes. i guess i'd prefer him dropping it to someone i didnt know. and if we both do the right thing, it wont drive a wedge into the friendship. and it'll be something to give him plenty of stick about in the future! :LOL:
  17. Thats what its all about mate. Have a laugh about it when its all fixed and give him shit about it for as long as you know him!! I do.
  18. It wasn't a bike, but I once parked my 71 mini clubman outside a mate's place. Later that night it was slightly shortened (understatement) by the Wazaroo bullbar on Egiste's WB ute.

    He was kind enough to inform me when he saw me in the morning, and even handed me my boot handle when I accused him of joking around, but I still give him shit about it. I even brought it up last night over a beer and he still (10 years later) gets a bit uncomfortable about it although he he knows I'm joking. :LOL:

    Yes, having a vehicle damaged by a friend is difficult. Suggesting that my best friend should pay for the repairs is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. On the bright side, he agreed instantly, the car was fixed and I was back on the road in no time. A stranger might have done a runner but cause it was a mate, he made eveything good again. :)

    Not too much later, during an altercation with some unfriendly gentlemen I found myself in Egiste's shoes by putting my foot through a friend's windscreen while blocking a punch. I couldn't sleep a wink till he had it fixed and my cheque had cleared. 8-[ I guess the moral is, if someone's going to break your stuff, the best person is a friend cause the damge to a vehicle costs less than damage to a friendship. :)
  19. This is true.
    And my tires were let down once. Sadly it was done by the inbred idiots who constitute King Lake coppers. :(
    Proof positive that you do not have to be smart to be a cop those blokes.
  20. so far this seems to be the biggest difference between your mates and his!