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Bike dropped, time for a new look?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by LittleRed, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. So yesterday a friend was helping me clean my 04 CBR1000rr, his not a bike guy but he always gets cars looking clean as a whistle. He soaked my front and rear wheel in degreaser and gave them a scrub (turns out my wheels are a shiny gloss black, not matte black. Go figure!).

    Anyway. Bike was looking fine and we were ready to head out for dinner. I hopped on and started riding, but through the first roundabout, doing nothing out of the ordinary, didn't even use the front brakes, bam.. front wheel kicks out from under me. The bike slides to the outside of the roundabout and I stop somewhere in the middle (I'm fine apart from a bruised knee). My friends came through a few seconds later in their cars and knew what had happened. Helped me get my bike up and followed me back to the house. I went out for dinner (on the verge of tears thinking about my bike) and then went to bed.

    Long story short, I woke up this morning and the whole right sides totalled. The bottom area of the bike has holes all through the word "Honda", fairing around headlight is scratched to hell and nearly everywhere else on that side of the bike is plagued with scratches and cracks. I'll upload photos later for all those interested in seeing, a lot of damage for a 30-40km/h drop..

    Anyway, now I'm looking to get it fixed.. but I've never replaced fairings before. What's a good reliable website or store that sell fairings (price isn't too much of an issue, got $2k left from my loan)? I'm thinking of getting a completely new set and getting a new looking bike out of it, but I'm not too sure yet.

    Any advice would be great, really stumped and just generally down in the dumps at the moment as I've only had this bike for two weeks or so.
  2. Sorry for double post. Didn't realise I could upload photos from my phone.

    image. image. image. image.
  3. Man, that sucks balls. Sorry, but cant offer any advice, just sympathy.
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  4. Yeah, I'm pretty devastated. :(
  5. Damn man, that sucks big time. But at least you're ok and judging by your description, the damage seems to be purely cosmetic.
  6. In the words of one Homer Simpson "doh" and me "bugger". It hurts to see your pride and joy hurt like that
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  7. Can't help advice wise but very sorry it happened and glad to hear you are ok.

    My new ride took a lie down last week owing to soft ground (newbie error) and I was grateful for the oggy knobs. But even the small scratch hurt me more than the bike, so can only imagine how you feel.
  8. Yep, purely cosmetic. Bike runs like new still.. just don't know where to go to get it all replaced. Thanks for the well wishes.

    And in case anyone is interested, here was the beauty pre-fall. :(

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  9. What??? No, not the Blackberri?. My sympathies to you Goldenberri it would be less pain full if it was a skin wound, at least they heal
  10. Afraid it was the BlackBerri Duke at EeeDuke at Eee. All good though. Just a scratch and wounded pride. Screamed like girl for first born to help me lift it instead of having a go myself.... I am ashamed....
  11. Was tyre shine used as part of the cleaning? That'd explain why the bike dropped suddenly.
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  12. No, but I'm assuming there was some degreaser left on the front tyre, which I'd say was the culprit.
  13. No petrochemicals on tyres, ever. Tough lesson.

    It matters not a dot what tyres look like compared to how well they grip.
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  14. It was for all the dirt and grime on the wheels, then leaked onto the tyres. Hosed it all down but wasn't enough obviously..
  15. I reckon you got off with that mistake lightly.
    You're lucky you didn't hurt yourself or anyone else.

    This has got to be one of the silliest accidents I've read on this site.
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  16. This part, huge no. I recently used a Motul product to clean my wheels for the first time, got a really good result and didn't have greasy tyres afterwards.
    This stuff:
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  17. Put it down to a rookie error perhaps
  18. Silly yeah, last time I let my car friends recommend how to clean a bike, now I'm left with a damaged bike and absolutely no clue where or how to get it fixed.
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    It's a non LAMS bike. The rookie card is no longer in play.

    Definitely should have enough experience to realise tyres should not be "shiny gloss".
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