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bike dramas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by IMPO84, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. ‎7 km from home this morning on my way to work and my bike loses all power and cant be restarted, ring nrma and its towed bake to the bikeshop, flywheel main bolt had come loose and stopped engaging, ****ing great late to work by like 3 hrs and wont have my bike back till tomorrow, ah well least its covered by warranty

  2. Bad luck, or bad servicing. For a 07 bike that shouldn't happen!
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    Yeah that'll do it every time lol. Know that sinking feeling when shit happens, not fun.

  4. Know your pain.

    On Monday had my oil pressure sensor fault at Batemans, 140km from home. Tow truck back to Canberra and didn't get the bike back until yesterday.

    BTW, love the silver paint on the GS, same as my old bike.
  5. yeah i thought it was something to do with the oil to when it first happened, coz just before i lost power the oil light came on, and when i pulled up the engine felt unusualy hot, but i checked the oil then and an hour or so later and it was sweet right on the full mark, only 9k on the clock it wouldnt have had many services only just bought it 11 days ago lol
  6. They should have serviced it before they sold it to you though. Lucky it's covered under warranty. If you have any issues let us know. There are plently of people on here with legal/contract law/warranty experience who can assist.

    Best of luck. Hope you're back on your steed ASAP!!
  7. Sounds like a clear-cut warranty job. Shame about the inconvenience, but it should be fixed and paid for at their expense.
  8. got my bike back this afternoon, all covered by warranty even put a new battery in at no cost to myself because they said the old one wasn't holding charge,tho they left a few bolts on the engine covers slightly undone(noticed when i stopped of for a drink at maccas so i took it back and they gladly fixed that up), seems to go even better now then when i took it in, seems to have some more zing, glad to be back out on 2 wheels.
  9. Nice one buddy!
    My girl gets picked up 8am Monday to fix her gremlin.
    Prob get her back late tues and have to start work again wed.... (5am to 8pm for 3 weeks = still no riding!!!!!).
  10. Good to hear. I thought that one was pretty clear cut.

    You won't know what to do with yourself Mr Messy.