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Bike down, left roadside

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by gtrgilera, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Going home last night I saw an Ambo in attendance and a yellow Victorian rego Hyosung parked.

    It seems the rider has been taken away and the bike remains roadside.

    I'm just a little concerned that the bike's been left roadside at risk, if the rider is a tourist, injured/hopsitalised what would happen?

    I feel a little helpless, but can't think of what I could do, if anything :?:

  2. I would imagine that if the person is injured/hospitalised eventually a friend or relative will start wondering where the bike is, and go and get it. If they are a tourist, whoever they hired/borrowed the bike from will eventually contact the cops who will tell them where the bike is.

    Hopefully one of the above happens before the bike gets nicked. :grin:

    Don't be surprised if this thread disappears though... not sure if it counts as a rider down or not.
  3. Im inclined to leave it run as is, there is no speculation as to how/why it happened. With more concern for the owners bike being the main point of the topic.
    Might be educational and informative reading some of the answers.

    Personally I would have stopped and enquired about the rider [ if he/she was able ] and asked if they would like me to organise transport for their bike or is there someone I can call for them etc etc.
  4. +1 VTRBob.

    I would have stopped even if i was driving my cage @ the time.
  5. Someone's going to nick a hyo?

    ...sorry, someone had to say it.
  6. It's been done once!
  7. Pour some water and fertiliser on it, it might grow into a real one.
  8. I would have thought that if police were in attendance they would have made arrangements to have it towed away so that it wouldn't remain a roadside obstruction.
  9. If police attend an accident and the vehicle is not drivable/ridable they will authorise someone to tow it to a secure location which is usually a panel shop.

    The local fuzz (or those who attended) will know where it is.
  10. and the thief learnt his lesson! :LOL:
  11. ^^ last thig youre worrying bout is your bike,

    Its good to know that the fuzz take care of it for you, :)

    And meanwhile the panel shop are charging you a holding fee. :evil:
  12. That would be the least of your worries :shock:
    Insurance would cover it.
  13. In theory injury = Ambulance transport = Police automatically called out by system = Tow arranged by Police.

    Like I said, In Theory.......
  14. Police took care of mine, arranged for a towie to take the bike away while I was on my way to hospital. In NSW
  15. Yeah, I didn't think of that, even I had that done when someone took me out a few years back... the morphine made it all seem so nice at the time... :LOL:

    well, despite being on a Hyosung, it might well be his/her pride & joy - I hope they're OK and the bike's taken care of before it's swiped.