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bike doesn't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bugeater, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. Another fustrating problem :mad:

    Started my bike this morning and it ran briefly and then conked out. Wouldn't start after that. Starter motor turns the engine, but no start. As a result the battery suffered too. I also tried a roll start down a steep slope, which got it going for about 10 seconds, but very roughly. Then it conked again. Couldn't roll start it again.

    Crazy thing is that I rode it with no problems yesterday.

    I've been charging the battery today, occassionally trying to start it again. No luck.

    I'm really not sure what to do. I've tried to pull the plugs out - I can unscrew them, but I can't get them out of the hole they are in to have a look. I also can't get into the carbs to see if there is any fuel in there (Pete the pom was the last to work on them and has done the screws up very tight :) ). The only possible hint is that I haven't heard the fuel pump clicking over, though that may just be because the carbs are full....

    I'm giving the battery a trickle charge overnight, but I'm not sure what else I can do. It's so fustrating.

    Any ideas?

  2. Yeah. Check ignition curcuit fuse. Check that you have spark from the lead. Put the bike on reserve. Unscrew one of the carb drains see if it leaks petrol.

    Then get aerostart. (Mechanic in a can)

    Where are you?
  3. check your fuses, if fuel pump fuse blown will give out of fuel symptoms
  4. start with the weakest link, - the kill switch.

    Pull it apart and soak it in WD40, or if you don't have tools just squirt a heap in behind the switch, you may get a pleasant surprise.
  5. The fuses seem okay. It also sounds like the fuel pump is okay, since it does its normal thing (clicks a few times). I've also tried "start ya bastard" and it hasn't worked.

    Next thing to look at is the carbs (need to get adequate tools) and the spark.
    Battery isn't helping the issue since it is draining pretty fast, so I have to put it onto a charger. I think the next thing to do is get a decent set of screwdrivers and start pulling a few things apart.

    Brunswick, Melbourne

  6. Well if you had replied before I got crook I could have had a look for you :(

    OK Fuel first. If it has injectors crack the pipe crank it and see if it sprays petrol.. use some common sense and avoid maiking a fireball :)

    If carbies then each carbie bowl should have a drain plug, Unbolt one of em... and petrol should drain out.

    If neither is applicable.. its nuclear powered or something. Back away carefully.

    If you can turn it to reserver anyway. Try the sacred words of power "Start ya mongrel"

    Next we check spark. You can do this the painfull way, crank it while holding a lead. if you get shocked its ok. More fun to hand the lead to someone else to hold. Do NOT do this if you have a) a pacemaker or b) some very modern high voltage ignition systems.

    Or you can get a bit of wire. back to the earth ot the bat run the spark lead untill it hangs insulated less than a mm from the end of that wire and crank the thing. You should get a strong spark,. This is MUCH the better way to do it. (I always get Ian to hold the lead and strangely he always falls for it)

    Lemme know

  7. you get this problem fixed? i have the exact same issue
  8. I'd go for the carby drains, four pots, four carbies. There should be a screw at the base of each carby, loosen it off untill the fuel drains out freely. Good luck!
  9. I drained the carbies, recharged the battery, checked fuses, still won't push start. The starter motor is still turning over but the engine doesn't even sound like it wants to start. I can smell fuel in the muffler so shouldnt be a problem. Can't get to the plugs tho, could it be anything else? all 4 plugs coundn't have gone at once?
  10. Had a similar problem on my old GPX. Turned out to be the starter solenoid/relay.
  11. flooding it killed all my spark plugs.... who knew! Thanks for everyones help
  12. I still haven't done anything with mine. Just started a new job and I'm doing a Masters degree at the same time. So absolutely NO time at all to look at the bike. To tell you the truth I just don't want to look at it cause of the fustration.