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Bike doesn't 'feel' right

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Hey all. I'm probably best just to drop the bike in at the dealer, but I thought that there'd be no harm and perhaps even a benefit of asking here as well....(so I can go in there with some idea of what the problem may be).

    Yesterday whilst out riding I noticed that when I was shifting through the gears, the bike didn't sound and feel its usual self. It was sweet in 1st and 5th, it was just as I was changing up and down or sitting along in 2nd, 3rd and 4th that it felt... :? kind of like it was revving too much ...a gritty sound/feel....a dirty petrol feel.

    Also I felt like the damn thing was going to konk out whilst going into intersections/roundabouts at a lower speed/gear. It would start 'chug chugging' and that 'dirty' feel/sound would get worse. What the hell?

    Any thoughts as to what it could be? (going off my wonderful description of the symptoms) :LOL: If it continues today I'll be taking it to get looked at. :(

    Or could it be that I'm yet to do a (perhaps) much needed oil change?


  2. So its sort of hesistating at lower rpms? if so, could be some dirty fuel, fillit up soon with some fresh fuel and see if that does the trick.
  3. Check your chain tension
  4. You'd have to put off changing the oil for a very long time before it would start to effect the engine. Quite likely it is just a batch of dodgy fuel although have you washed the bike recently? Possible there could be some water in the airbox choking the air filter.
  5. Sounds similar to my Virago experience and I had a costly one too!!!


    I had a 1990 Virago and it went great (for a 250) :LOL: :LOL:

    After my first service (at another place other than where I purchased it ) they said that the regulator on these bikes stuff up and need updating.
    I took it back to the dealer I bought it from and they put in a new one of the old design and basically said bulls#@ to the others advice.

    After about six months (and out of warranty!!!!) the regulator packed it in, smoked the battery and in the end stuffed the cdu (computer) and cost me a fortune, just so I could sell it in good condition.
    I was p#@ssed off with the dealer and could have taken them to fair trading etc, but I decided it was not worth the trouble and swallowed my medicine and swore never to buy from them again (hard 'cause they are the only ones within 20k's of my place
    The purchaser got a new regulator, battery, cdu and wiring and globes etc etc (good luck to them!!!)

    Hope you have a better outcome

  6. Thanks all.

    Yes cptn...it's hesitating at lower revs. I just got back from riding it and it's doing the same thing. I actually let the fuel run low and then filled up again. It's still doing it. :?

    Chain has been checked - seems fine.

    Highly unlikely it's water in the airbox as I haven't washed it with water (just a rag and WD40) :) and it's kept in the dry. Dirty fuel was the first thing that crossed my mind as that's what it felt like. Hmm.

    After reading Jeff's post I think I'll just get the dealer to have a look at it tomorrow.

    Jeff... :evil: :evil: @ your dealer. :( Thanks for your warning. Appreciated. :)

    Oh, and can someone please tell me what a regulator is?
    :oops: :)
  7. Sounds like the plugs could be fouled, maybe the bike runs a bit rich.
  8. Rosie have you had the service yet? I would be guessing this is why...filter/plug maybe.
  9. You mean the 1000km service? That was done at around 1400kms. :) Bike's now at 5400km (I know, I've been slack this week!).

    Yet to do the oil filter and oil change...might just leave it for when I take it to get checked by the dealer and totally annoy him by watching and asking a million dumb girly questions. :roll: Might just throw in some super dumb ones to pi$$ him off. :grin:
  10. Hmm.. perhaps it was the fuel? :? I went for a bit of a ride tonight and it doesn't seem so bad anymore. Will see how it is tomorrow. Still not one hundred percent happy with it though.

  11. Check your fuel filter. Also check inside your tank for any crap on the bottom. It may also have been water in the fuel. Or perhaps you need to service your carbies?

    Checking your plugs is good advice.

    ...and new oil and filter wouldn't hurt either.

    hmmm, that doesn't leave much else does it? :p I like to keep my bases covered.
  12. just in case you did get a batch of bad fuel with water in it add about 500ml of metho to your next fuel top up, this will absorb any water and help it run through the system.

    Oh also if your going to get the dealer to look at it dont go to the same asswipe, book it in over at Crusingals at Moe than you can anoy her while it's being done
  13. When is the next service due Rosie? Should it have one at 5,000km? then major service at 10,000km?

  14. Do you mean the place in Moe or the one at Tanjil South :wink:

    Rosie, Andrew can help you with your next service if you like :grin:
  15. Nobody seems to have answered this for you.

    Regulator = Voltage Regulator
    This little device manages the power output from the alternator, basically smoothing the output and ensuring the correct voltage is supplied to the rest of the bike sytems.

    If it is playing up, the ignition system (among other things) may not work correctly, giving an inconsistent and/or inadequate spark, and possibly affecting the spark timing. The bike will therefore run rough, like you are seeing.

  16. Thanks all. Just got back from riding. I noticed today that there's a tapping sound while in lower gears (not first though - first is fine *shrugs*). I'm at the right rpm range for each gear so it's not that.... :? well I'm assuming it is, but who knows with the way this bike is at the moment. :? :LOL:

    Going off your responses it seems there are quite a few possibilities as to what could be happening...unfortunately I'm not going to get in to see the dealer till early next week as a few things have popped up that I need to get organised for the weekend. I think it's best just to take it to him (I'll turf him once the 12mths is up) ...but thanks for the offer cruisingal and Andrew.

    BTW, first service was at 1000kms. Next service according to my manual and the dealer is 10000km.

    How do they work those service intervals out anyway?

    Would 5500kms in 7 weeks decrease the recommended interval time as opposed to riding it 50kms every second day? Would it place extra strain on the bike?

    Thanks RoderickGI :)
    Funny you should mention that... :roll: ... I have noticed that the bike hesitates when starting. It's not a major hesitation but I have noticed it and now you've pointed this out to me I'll be mentioning it to the dealer.

    Thanks all. :)
  17. This could be pinging or knocking caused by pre-ignition if the timing really is off. Not so sure about that though.

    No. In fact, regular riding is probably better for it. Short, irregular trips are definitely worse for it. I guess long rides in very hot weather may affect a regulator or other parts, if they overheat, but overheating shouldn't happen.

    You're worse than me. I've done over 7000Km's in 15 weeks, and some think this is a high rate. :shock:

    Your welcome
  18. My SRX actually very noticeably runs like shit if i don't do an oil change every 3k. think it might have to do with it being an air cooled engine (just like the virago), with the associated higher temperature ranges and greater expansion/contraction. A mate with an XT6 (just like my new bike) says his engine also runs crap if he doesn't do an oil change every 3k.

  19. Being a dry-sump engine may have something to do with it too (less oil volume), that and the fact it has a greater displacement and smaller outer surface area. Excessive heat will certainly cause engine oil to thicken considerably although your engine must be working hard if it's killing the oil in just 3,000kms :? (especially if your SRX is one that was fitted with an oil cooler).
  20. hehe, maybe i didn't word that the best way! it doesn't so much run like shit, but i can definitely hear the difference and it doesn't sound as healthy as it should. maybe i'm just in tune with the needs and wants of my bike :)

    BTW, My mate with the XT6 has just topped 100k with no engine work whatsoever, so oil changes every 3k definitely make a difference.