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Bike Docs and VFR750 (Help!)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by rugsta, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Been looking for a VFR or TRX for a few weeks and just taken a look at a VFR750. On the face of it, it seems a decent bike, okay its Green so not really a sought after colour but condition wise its not bad and the price is sensible-ish.

    Its in a dealer.
    Its registration ran out in November 2005!
    I asked for any history/documentation they had on the bike but they have nothing except what its says on their computer system, which was not a lot, not even the previous owners name.
    Most of the bikes I have looked at seem to have no documentation and no service history... is this usual.

    I come from the UK where every vehicle has a registration document giving previous owner details, number of owners, chassis/engine nos etc, so buying a bike with nothing is both new to me and slightly concerning.

    In short can someone experienced in buying bikes in Victoria advise what I should expect and what I should be wary of...


  2. Something smells here, they should have the tranfer papers (notice of disposal/aqasition) from the previous owner.

    read this http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home...ransferRegistration/InformationForSellers.htm
  3. How good is the price? There's been VFR750s advertised privately from $3200 to $5000 recently. I'd hesitate to buy one from a dealer, especially if it's been sitting around for a year and a half not being run. Disuse roots tyres, batteries, etc and bits tend to rust and seize.
  4. Actually there are two I was looking at both via Peter Stevens.

    a 94 Red/blk 53k 2 owners, no paperwork - 6.2k OTR
    a 96 green 49k ? owners, no paperwork 6.2k OTR

    Both are in decent condition, basically they need t have stuff taking off cleaning and putting back together again both will be pretty tidy. I'm a stickler so all my bikes get this treatment!

    I never buy from dealers but apart from Hertz rentals I have no transport, and have never bourght a bike in Australia before hence the dealer option.

    You can see both the bikes on the peter stevens webste the red one is in Ringwood the green in the city.

  5. Price for them seems a bit high IMHO but then they are from a dealer.
    what about

    MAKE/MODEL: Yamaha TRX850
    PRICE: $6,500.00

    YAMAHA TRX850 LOW kms, Staintune muffler, race stand, always serviced and garaged, urgent sale $6500 (03)97302398, (0418)345883, Christmas Hills.

    MAKE/MODEL: Yamaha TRX850
    YEAR: 1999
    PRICE: $6,950.00
    ODOMETER: 25,500

    YAMAHA TRX850 1999 25,500kms, mega cycle mufflers, Ventura rack/bag, always maintained, ZD-115, ExCond, $6,950 (0429)822982, Emerald.

    MAKE/MODEL: Yamaha TRX850
    YEAR: 1996
    PRICE: $6,000.00
    ODOMETER: 18,500

    Yamaha TRX850 1996 1 owner, 18,500klms, D&D pipes, VGCond, regd.10/07 XM-515, $6,000ono (03)97181136, (0400)187616, Hurstbridge.
  6. Price wise, agreed but then they are from a dealer as you say so factor in a couple of grand profit. That said dealer pays the TAC so thats shaving $500 off the price... so actually they are 5.7k each.

    TRX wise yes, I could buy yet another TRX, but I've always fancied a VFR. I've a couple of VFR400s and they were great bikes.

    If only the '94 was a '96 cause I fuggin' hate green...
  7. ???? isn't is $6200 OTR?? which includes rego and therefor TAC, he's not trying to con you and saying $6200 OTR + TAC and so by making it look look like he's throwing in soemething for nothing :?

    If you can wait i'd hang off and look around a bit more, consider buying privatly, second hand warranty on bikes is worth shit. (3 months i think at max)
  8. I know this ones in QLD (at a dealer) but DEFINATLY worth a call at the price

    MAKE/MODEL: Honda VFR800
    YEAR: 2000
    PRICE: $6,990.00
    COLOUR: Blue
    CYLINDERS: 4cyl
    CONDITION: Fair Condition
    ENGINE: 4cyl

    Honda VFR800 2000 Blue, 4cyl FC $6990.00 55202300 Burleigh Heads.
  9. Its six two ride away including TAC etc.

    Agree on the warranty front, they are usually not worth the paper they are written on, same goes with the pre-delivery services etc that they do.

    I can wait but theres not that much around (at least which doesn't require mega distances to see). I might take a look privately though there is one not too far away although again the price is 6k.

    As you might understand its a bit weird coming to a new country and trying to get your head around registration processes, prices etc.

    Wholley unscientific but I have absolutely nothing whatsoever to go on except what I would do in the UK.. so heres what I would do on a UK bike priced at 2500UKP (e.g $6000)

    With a bit of haggling I'd say I could get it for 2000-2250 UKP
    2000-2250 UKP is $4800-5300

    If you were asking $6000 bike is this the kind of price drop you'd expect to be offered?

    Again many thanks, I feel like a duck out of water here!