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bike dies when letting clutch go

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by damien613, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. hi guys... this has only happened twice so far, however both times in this past week and both from swim squads weirdly enough...

    anyway bike had a major service 3-4 weeks ago, starts fine - clicks into gear but as I slowly start to let out clutch it dies.

    what could be causing this? after sitting for maybe 5-10mins in neutral it eventually allows me to engage gear and take off...

    seems odd to have problems like this following a service, any advice / solutions appreciated?

  2. Cold? Increase your idle revs?
  3. would help to know the bike, model, age, carbies or injection, etc, but it does sound like the engine is not getting enough fuel as you try and move off....
  4. Some bikes have a kill switch if the stand is down and you let the clutch out. It could be that the switch detecting the state of the stand is broken in some manner (Possibly moisture shorting the switch)
  5. sorry it's a 2005 kawasaki GPX 250
  6. +1 kill switch. I had the same problem, though it was a different, older, bike... but the connection on the actual clutch lever was loose, just pushing it in fixed that up. You may want to look at a wiring diagram and find where the wires involved in this are located so you can look for a loose or damaged wire.
  7. Kill switch issue fer sure.

    Clutch switch wont let you start the bike if it's in gear and clutch not pulled in.

    Stand switch won't let you ride off if the stand is down.

    The stand switch though might actually function ok when the block warms up - hence the waiting time. I saw that happen on an old Virago 250. I bridged out the switch for a time until parts could be sourced.
  8. It seems we're having a similar problem on my wifes' '06 GPX. When I took it in for a RWC, I mentioned that it lurched forward and the engine cut out when I popped it down in first to start off (I did warm it up for a few minutes). The mechanic mentioned that it was common for the GPX and the ZZR's as they needed a bit more time to warm up. Once it gets going there's no issue, can start it up again no dramas.

    Is it something we'll have to get used to, the longer warm up, or could it be something else we're overlooking? Is it really a common theme on these bikes or not? Will probably check on the bike in the morning regarding the links Sooty gave the original poster to see if that is an issue.
  9. They're a bit cold blooded but I haven't had any issues however I'm in QLD.

    Half choke for start/warm up and the first 500m or so apparently does the trick, used that method a few times during winter. Newer examples could be more prone to it than clapped out versions like mine :p
  10. since the responses on this site and after talking to my dad it has definatly been the kill switch. being my first bike and little clueless on the features I wasn't aware there was a kill switch...

    but if at any stage this has played up I've just pushed the kill switch plunger in a few times and it's been fine. I think the obvious fact that dirt can build up around that area is why it may malfunction sometimes...

    keep it clean and there shouldn't be any dramas I guess.
  11. Not the kill switch, it's the sidestand safety switch. Kawasakis will let you idle in first with the clutch in and the stand down, but when you go to engage the clutch, it kills the motor.
  12. The first time I experienced this nanny technology was after a 7 year absence from bikes and getting a new one. ZZR1100. I had the bike on the centre stand. Started it. Snicked it into 1st so I could oil the chain. Let the clutch out, engine stalls.


    Try it again. Same thing. Try again, more revs. Same thing.

    Then noticed a switch hanging off the sidestand which was still down. Flick it up. Problem solved.

    With the Blackbird it doesn't even let you get that far. Sidestand down, select a gear, engine dies.

  13. When you say "Lurch", how much? Are you going to fall off cos it moved a foot or two or is it more like a nudge from the gear engaging?

    Either way, i wouldnt have thought that just putting it in gear would be enough to overcome the rotational force of your engine thus causing it to stall. Even at very low RPM (sub 900).

    Have you tried pumping the clutch a couple of times, just to get warm oil squeezed between the plates?
    Shouldnt really make a difference, but id give it a shot just incase you have something binding.
  14. Kickstand switch - happened to me with the GPX, but mine was 20 years old. Just bridged it and forgot about it.