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Bike Dieing When Stopped + Dead Battery On Yamaha Zeal

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dustfp, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. I had this problem where the battery was getting worse and it got to the point on one particular day where the bike would cut out whenever I came to a stop, and I would have to clutch-start it.
    I replaced the stator (which had some physical damage from a drop by previous owner), and that appeared to instantly fix the problem; battery was getting charge and starting the bike every time, no random cut-outs.
    Suddenly, it started happening again, with a dead battery yesterday, and the cut-outs this morning. I'm going to double check the stator cabling, but would there be anything else causing this? Possible that the battery has kicked the bucket?

    PS: It only cuts out if the revs drop too low. If I stop and keep the revs up (over 2k) it will stay alive...

  2. Have you checked the voltage when the bike is running since replacing the stator?
    I'm just guessing, but maybe the voltage regulator/rectifier was damaged by the faulty stator.
  3. yer u shud v rise a bit as u rev.
    second thing to check , nice clean terminals ,
    your biike / car can start on dirty terminals due to higher draw
    but may not be able to charge through the terminals
    - A great tip for young players on all vehicles -
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    DustFP, so your coarse of action should be... As Jd & Phil01 have said.
    Clean terminals on battery and check you have a good earth to frame.
    Charge Battery so you read at least 12.6 volts across the terminals of the battery.
    Start bike and check voltage across the battery terminals (I use a $10 digital volt-meter). It should read about 13 volts, increase the revs while watching the volt-meter. It should increase in voltage as you rev the engine. At about 4500RPM it should not increase above about 14 volts, further revs should not increase voltage.

    I suspect you may not producing enough to charge the battery... So!
    It's a crook Battery or Alternator or your voltage regulator is catus.