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Bike died unexpectedly...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Dp., Feb 5, 2009.

  1. On the second day after my annual holidays I was riding in to work. Stopped at the lights, checked mirrors, there was a Landcruiser wagon behind me. Light went green car in front took off I followed it rode about 3 - 4 metres and suddenly felt my engine braking very hard. First thought was I stalled it somehow, still rolling pulled in clutch, hit starter button…tried again…nothing happens…From the middle of the intersection started to push to the painted pedestrian island to take bike off the lane. Tried to re-start again, checked kill switch, checked side stand, turned ignition to OFF and back ON, tried to re-start again…no success. Then I noticed that all lights are always off, tried to switch ignition OFF – ON again, same thing. I realised it is probably blown main fuse. Dismounted from the bike, crossed merging road and pushed the bike to sidewalk. It was not far from my work so I decided to push the bike and later check the fuse. I have been very pleased when one guy from my work stopped his pushbike and asked what happened, then another one stopped his ute and asked if I ran out of petrol, at the same time another guy on Kawasaki ZX11 passed slowly looking in our direction, did not stop but probably would if I would be alone.
    At work we checked the fuse. It was blown, tried to replace it with a spare one, it blown immediately once ignition was switched ON. I gave a ring to Honda dealer, for $35 dollars they came, picked the bike up and took it to their shop. Yesterday I spoke with them and they told me they tested it and found some short circuit in the wiring loom and going to replace it. The earliest the bike will be ready on Tuesday. I imagine it is a big job to replace the wiring loom, they will have to remove some parts to get there. Wondering what they would have charged me if the bike was not still under warranty? Also wondering how often things like that happen and what are the reasons? I suppose I probably should ask them what the extended warranty would cost and if it is not too late to buy it, original one expires in July.

  2. probably all that rain youve been having in queensland
  3. Could be rain or humidity...who knows. Although it was not raining that morning and I was riding in the pouring rain before without any problems...
  4. It could have been incorrectly installed, and rubbed against something until the wire was exposed...
  5. SHIT!!!! :shock:

    Sounds alot like me there Loz :p