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bike decals *newbie*

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Jack_the_ripper, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. this is my first topic and post on this forums, i've been a long time reader first time poster and i've found this forum very helpful with a lot things regarding my bikes.

    i just brought a 96 model zzr250 it isn't in too bad a condition but i decided i want to get all the scratches and cracks fixed, my next door neighbour is a panel beater so i asked him if he can have a look at it. he said no worries and that he can fix all the fairings up for me and his painter owes him a favour so i'm getting it repaired for a very, VERY good price. my question here is where can i get the decals for my zzr, can i ring kawasaki? can someone provide me with the number? i've done a little searching on the forum and have found a few people with the same problem but no one thus far has given a number to kawasaki and i think this could be a solution, although i'm not sure...

    also both my exhausts need replacing (because i'm fussy) and i'm wondering if anyone can offer a solution to this, as in should i try and get it reskinned? or should i just search for a wreck? and how much will either way cost me?

    any help and advice would be greatly apreciated.


  2. Welcome indeed, and, wot ^ 'e said, gov...
  3. thanks guys i've looked at the site and the zzr wasn't listed so i sent them an email to see if they can still help me out...

    now i just need to figure out how to get the exhausts fixed up.

    i could post some pics up if anyone is interested.
  4. get a digital camera
    take a close up photo of the graphics
    convert the file to a vector based format including measuremnets.
    and get someone (sign shop) to reprint.
    should cost 50-80 for a super large sheet of any single colour.
  5. problem is, is that i don't want the original stickers on it... i want the zzr in block letter which the one that were on it were kinda (for want of a better word) squiggly...
  6. serosuly dude
    then just draw what u want and get a sign shop to print it for u.
  7. whatever... thats not very helpful but yeah...
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  9. IF you want to buy a sheet of Black, White, Carbon Fibre printed or Clean Sticker material (its like contact that you used to put on schoool books, but just thicker like gaffer tape) to put over paint, cover up scratches etc you can get this stuff in a roll from Peter Stevens call 'oxfords paint save' $34..

    I going to cover my handlebars with it and a few other parts underneath around the engine etc - with that and some decals you should be laughing.

    Ok, so whats wrong with your exhaust then? If your fussy, dont even look past some DIY Mods to get some proper noise out of it. There are a bazillion threads on NetRider dedicated to this, a few that I may have started in the quest for jet rocket sound from a sowing machine.
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