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Bike cut out - any ideas ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by paulm_collins, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. I was riding home last night, changed down a gear to go around a corner, got around the corner and started to apply the throttle and nothing happened.
    It was a little jumpy like there wasnt enough fuel getting through and then suddenly the engine just cut out !
    I was in the 3rd lane of 4 and there was a truck in the 4th lane.
    Luckily the truck saw that i was in trouble and let me cut over to pull into a right turn lane and come to a stop !!

    I sat there for a while and tried to start it but nothing was happening.
    I had only done 180kms so I knew that there was still plenty of fuel left in the tank.
    I tried flicking it over to reserve anyway and after a couple more tries it started.
    I pulled into a petrol station just up the road and filled up just in case and i could only get about 6-7 litres in there so I definately wasnt out of fuel.

    Im presuming I probably got some cr*p from the fuel tank stuck in the fuel lines or something and it just had to flush itself out but just wanted to check if anyone had any other ideas.
    It hasnt happened since then and is running just fine now.

    If you do think it was a fuel line problem, any ideas on what i could do to prevent this happening again ?

    It was quite scary being stuck in the middle of a big road just coasting along with a truck right behind me and i really dont want that to happen again !!!!!!!

    Guess i was just lucky that the truck driver saw i was in trouble and had the courtesy to let me cut over.
  2. Does the ZZR250 run a fuel pump? That could be the cause of the problem otherwise it was probably just a bad batch of fuel or crud in the tank working its way through.
  3. Good question jd !!!
    I have absolutely no idea about bikes so i wouldnt know.
  4. ummm i think i know what your problem is mate. my cousin has a zzr250 and had the same problem. only when he went into a corner, the bike would just stall like no petrol.
    it is a common problem with the zzr and the actual problem is crap in the fuel tank. the bike gets old and the stuff inside the tank starts to rust.
    try this: flush the tank out and pour some metho in the tank and shake it around and pour it out. ull see that there is crap that comes out.

    safe riding mate
  5. bike cut out

    Maybe just a vacum in the tank caused by blocked breather , did the tank let off a big sigh sort of sound when you opened the tank?
    You didnt accidently hit the kill switch , :) its has been done before.
  6. I've heard of the vapour lock and crud issues before. Either one should provide a warning though... like it's running out of fuel.

    How old is the bike?? Here's another guess if the bike is old... side stand cut out switches have been known to cause false engine cut outs. If this is the issue, you'll be getting it more often.

    [ps. The kill switch is a ripper - I've done it a few times! ::facepalm::]
  7. The bike is a 1993 model.

    Its definately not the side stand switch, I had that problem from the day i got the bike and finally got them to replace the switch with a brand new one.
    The problem was exactly like it was running out of fuel.
    There wasnt any noise when i opened the tank so im guessing it was just soem crud in the tank making its way through !!
    It seems to have been ok since and hasnt done it again so i might just see how i go but if it does it again then that tank is coming off !!!!!!
    Thanks all for your help !
  8. Re: bike cut out

    You talkin' 'bout me?

    :oops: :oops: :oops:
  9. as for the fuel pump last time i had the fuel tank off my gpx didnt see anything and i dont recall the manual mentioning it. and the zzr and gpx are fairly similar

    as for cleaning the tank how do guys drain it when the fuel tap is vacuum operated?

    dont mean to hijack thread
  10. you dont have a fuel pump.

    its (like mentioned above) more than likely a blockage caused by crap in your fuel.

    i, on the other hand DO have a fuel pump and its being very naughty at the moment.... :(