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Bike culture NSW vs VIC

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kurtis_Strange, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. I use to live in Melb but was not into bikes at that time, I now live in NSW and own a bike. Its just a casual observation but there seems to be a much larger bike culture in Victoria than NSW, both in bikes for sale, dealers and bike events...

    Would this be an accurate observation?

    Are there an significant differences between the two states re bikes, apart from the parking laws?
  2. I think Melbourne has a more centralised bike area in Elizabeth street. Also there are suburban areas like ringwood providing hubs.

    Sydney (with the exception of the Paramatta area), always seemed to have it's bike shops more spread out.

    Also Melbourne has the bike GP and the Super bikes... and people make a big deal of it. Even when Sydney had the GP it wasn't something that was 'splashed' as much as it is in vic.

    I think that's more down to a general difference between the two cities than anything bike specific though.

    It suspect it wouldn't matter if it was the F1 or the bikes or something else (with the possible exception of boats!).
  3. Elizabeth St is nothing but bikes :D
  4. I have noticed alot more squids up here too
  5. (I'll put the flame suit on) A friend of mind who no longer rides, has lived in both states and reported that there seemed to be more Harleys in NSW than in VIC. It would be interesting to see the stats. I don't have enough NSW experience to say.
    What I did notice in the limited time I've been in NSW, is that it seemed as though there was less room to lane split in some of the places that I rode. (Roasted can of worms :) )
  6. Let me make an observation from the opposite perspective (living in NSW, recent visitor to Victoria) and perhaps thereby answer some of these questions as well.

    The most obvious difference between the two cities, (and therefore as a direct result, the motorcycle culture) is size. Melbourne is HUGE, from Geelong across to the Yarra Valley is over 100 kms. From the CBD of Sydney to Penrith at the foot of then Blue Mountains is only 36 kms!

    As a consequence of being 'squeezed in' between the mountains and the sea east - west, and the Hawkesbury National Park to the North, and the Royal National Park to the south, there ain't a lot of room, and the roads are very narrow. A recent international study concluded that Sydney's roads were below the legal requirement for lane width. This is because what used to be two lane roads have been modified to be three lane roads without actually widening them!!! (Plus lane-splitting is not legal, and dangerous because of a high concentration of psycho drivers)

    Narrow lanes and a high concentration of cars mitigates against motorcycles. It's just very dangerous riding in the suburbs of Sydney, at any hour of the day or night. We have many roads on which the volume of traffic rarely changes; 7:00 am or 10:pm, they are frighteningly busy.

    And as for Harleys? meh, we've got more bored lawyers and accountants who can afford them, I guess!
  7. yeah definately more squids!

    I can't believe it but every time I'm out just about every other biker is riding in shorts and t-shirt, and there's loads of scooters around with girls as pillion passengers in bare leg outfits with no footwear?!

    What do they think coming off a scooter at 70km/hr is different than coming of a bike?

    That kind of stupidity irritates me :x
  8. it's not just scooters :? since the weather has started warming up the squids are out if force in all shapes and sizes - there's not a day when i'm commuting i don't see at least one whether it be no gloves or the 'classic' shorts and tshirt.

    my 'highlights' of the past month have included a guy on a GSXR750 going down king street with no helmet and a guy on a busa doing about 140km/h on warringah road in shorts, tshirt and sandals :shock: i probably woudn't have taken notice but c'mon, who the f%&k wears sandals these days? :LOL:
  9. All the girls on the back of scooters :roll:

    I'd just love to know what goes through the mind of a squid on a big bike or scooter, I mean they have had the same introduction and training as the rest of us....do they just think they are blessed with such great riding skill that "it won't happen to me", or a cage won't pull out on them?

    I bet when a squid comes off he has a bit of rethink on the whole idea, if he survives.
  10. Firstly on the subject of bikes, comparing between last christmas when i was in melbourne and what im starting to see now here in sydney as the weather warms up, i personally dont think theres alot of difference really... thats just an observation, but i also have a really bad memory so who knows :p

    And again on the subject of the squid thing. I have been known to get out on the bike occasionally for short trips on a hot day wearin singlet, shorts and thongs... One reason is cause me car got nicked a few months ago with all me good riding gear in it and im currently savin for new stuff... But to be honest the main reason is because i rather work on definates than possibilities... Sure i "may" come off the bike for some reason and that would be a prick... But if im goin to a mates place in over 40 degree heat its definately gonna be a prick of a ride through the heavy traffic up here... And the reason a bought a bike is because i enjoy riding it...

    In saying that, i do ride EXTRA defensively if im doin that...

    Also i dont have my own family so im more free to make such decisions, and again before everyone calls me an idiot again :roll: YES i do know that a tyre could blow unexpectedly etc etc... and i would be well and truly fcuked. but... again ill say that as long as im enjoying myself thats all that matters to me... :D
  11. Riding gear is an emotive subject on this forum, probably raising more ire than anything else (apart from speed)

    Of course it's a personal preference, but if you have an accident you can always restore the bike to exactly as it was before, or, at worst, replace it. Skin isn't like that; you only get one model, and while it can be repaired, it's never just like new.

    I can understand all the reasons for not wearing gear all the time (heat, discomfort, short trips, etc) but everyone I've ever met who's dropped a bike when NOT wearing it has said that he wished he had been......
  12. I could also add I've met many people who've been pleased they were wearing gear when they dropped the bike.

    Myself included.
  13. Mike, do you think if you dropped your bike and took half your skin off that you would probably wear gear all the time in the future?

    I don't want to start flamin, I know its a personal preference and the heat is a biatch...but

    Are there are good threads on tips for riding in heat?

    I'm coming into my first summer riding and I can see its going to be difficult to handle.
  14. To be honest i think id be far more worried about the bike in that event. I get fixed for free :p

    Nah tis a good point you make,i am currently trying to get some money together for some new gear at the moment, maybe if i save up and get some gear i actually like ill be more inclined to wear it...
  15. sydney gets hotter than mexico doesnt it? therefore more people are likely to squid....kinda. and remember this forum is based in victoria too so you only really see the major nsw things not the small ones. there are plenty of nsw riders on other forums and clubs. but the drivers here such much, much, much more than the ones in victoria :cry:
  16. Most probably don't have a bike license, and thus no training. No training equals no exposure/learning to the specific bike/scooter hazards and the sort of injury that can arise from an off. Therefore, most of them probably don't even realise what sort of harm they would do themselves if they came off a scooter.

    One of the reason why I'm a strong oponnent of riding scooters on a car license. Even a 50cc scooter can get up to around 70 km/h.
  17. Pete is does get hot here, but skin takes just as long to heal!

    But that still doesn't explain the peanut I passed the other day on a Triumph Speed Triple. He was wearing work boots, no discernible socks, a helmet and a blue singlet. I winced.

    Jason will tell you that out of 2,500 members, 600 or more are from NSW, it's just that a lot of them are inactive, and there are a couple of alternative clubs up here too, based in the north of Sydney, and riding the old Pacific Highway a lot.
  18. yeah I came across that crowd when I took my little scoot down to stanwell park last weekend, they were all parked at the look out point.
  19. Geelong is to Melbourne what the 'Gong is to Sydney; a satellite city. They don't really count as a single urban area.

    Campbelltown to Mona Vale is over 90km by the most direct route... and there's no way on the planet that Sydney CBD to Penrith is only 36km; 60km would be more like it.
  20. Sorry, maths was never my strongest point. It's 55 kays from Sydney Central to Penrith, by rail, road would be a bit longer.

    I remember when I lived in Yarra Junction there was an old mileage marker outside the gate to Wesburn Church, and it said 44 miles to the Melbourne GPO. Maybe I am making a subjective judgement, but Melbourne IS a LOT BIGGER than Sydney, agreed?