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Bike Crash (Vid)

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Dazza, Mar 12, 2005.

  1. And the motorcyclists fault....yes I saw that the Lexus didn't indicate (but why would you expect it to???)....The rider should have thought, ah, left turn....I bet that b@stard up ahead is going to turn..(can't see inside the Lexus to see if the driver looked left (or right as if to look for a sign) as they tend to...)

    So am I hard b@rstard? Or do you agree?

  2. Bet that hurt too...100km\hr crash...

  3. Yeah, woulda thought the brake-lights, the dipping of the nose of the 4wd, and the sudden slowing may have been a clue that something was about to happen.

    But, the 4wd certainly should have indicated. So, his fault, absolutely.

    I bet the rider has watched this video about a million times, thinking, if i just leaned it over a little more i coulda got round the corner!

    (or If only i hadn't panic-braked and locked the wheels up, i might have stopped in time. )

    (or maybe if i accelerated i could have ducked though the closing gap.)

    Either way, stupid bloody cager owes him a new bike! And should have their lisence revoked.
  4. It looks like the double yellow lines curve around the left hand bend - in which case no indication would be necessary from the SUV.

    You'll also notice an advisory speed limit posted for the left hand bend.

    The road took a left hand bend - to me it looks like the SUV was not making a turn, rather just following the road around a bend and therefore shouldn't indicate.

    Either way though, I think the bike rider's a fool for even considering that manouver ;)

    Totally the bike riders fault IMHO.
  5. No - in addition to what I said above...he made the decision to overtake in the wrong place - if he had been behind the Lexus at a reasonable distance then he would have been fine, or had waited until after the turnoff to overtake...

    Unfortunately the word "fault" implies exclusive blame - in reality there is considerable blame on both parties - but frankly I reckon it's 70% (at least) the blame of the motorcyclist....

    I'd be very surprised if his insurance company viewed things differently....

  6. And thats why i didn't become a traffic cop!!!

    I've just reviewed the footage again... and yes, you're right, now that i'm a litle more awake i can see that its just a sweeping bend, not a left turn for the 4wd.

    I hereby change my finding to...biker owes 4wd owner new panels, and probably should have his lisence taken.

    Case closed.

    Or is it.

    (btw, speedo was at 47km/h just before the wheels locked, still woulda hurt though.)
  7. wow. some people are blind. i cannot believe that that rider even considered that spot possible for passing. is it not a suburban street? as far as im concerned when youre on a street like that, dont waste your time or your luck trying to pass. especially passing an SUV. as much as i hate big soft roaders and SUVs the bike rider is almost totally at fault. the yellow double lines curve to the left and the bike rider moved into a lane going the opposite direction. moral of the story is to learn from others mistakes.
    as little riding experience as i have i think almost anyone could pass judgement on this. even a cager. gotte feel a little bit sorry for the bloke on the bike even if he is stupid. insurance aint gonna cover that and im guessing that wasnt a cheap bike.
  8. this is why people hate bike riders
  9. ignored the sign warning of a left bend, crossed double lines.

    Dipshit, call ambulancel, go directly to hospital, do not collect insurance.

  10. That guy on the bike is just plain stupid. He mustn't have known the road or even seen the sign warning of the turn.
    Totally his fault in my opinion.

    Moral of the video: don't overtake on double lines!
  11. Yep...now that I look again as well it is a left hand "bend"..Just makes it even worse for the rider...

    It's miles per hour BTW - that is an R1 instrument panel (before 2004)...

  12. I thought it was a GSXR instrument panel (hence the R on the tacho), because as the bike crashes you can see the Suzuki insignia on the bike near the ignition.

    The white writing under the R in the tacho also looks like GSX...


    Anybody have any definitive ID's?

  13. Right at the start of the clip, just before he straightens, look at the speedo, specifically the little writing to the right of the speed digits, it either has to be mph or kph.

    I reckon it looks more like a kph.
  14. I also reckon that he was following the bike in front in totally unfamiliar territory.

    By god, thats it, the rider in front IS THE DEVIL.

    He lures unsuspecting riders to follow him into unfamiliar territories and pulls manouvres like that to try and get them wiped out.

    Its a godammed conspiracy is what it is.

    Okay. Nuff drinking for one night me thinks.
  15. Very difficlut to tell.

    I'd guess it'd be mph, but I can't read it clearly enough to tell for sure.
  16. Footnote - Its footage from the States, hence its MPH :D

    Cheers 8)
  17. Yes, because there couldn't possibly be an imported bike with KPH on the speedo in the USA, could there?
  18. If you watch it in slo-mo you can cledarly see the Suzuki insignia as he crashes...