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Bike Crash Galore

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by grange, Jun 22, 2012.

  2. Slow day?
  3. Some real ouch in there, scary stuff.
  4. Geez, thanks for That ... Awful large percentage of Rider failure there, Some good examples for Newbs on Front brake washouts.... How many drivers just kept on going too..
  5. love how "OMG" kinda sounds the same in every language.
  6. I fixed it. Or made it worse. One of those.

  7. Some of those are very bad scrapes....

    The road craft in most is particularly bad making it considerably hard to watch

    Food for thought though guys - happens quickly eh?
  8. These happened because motorcycle are dangerous hurr durr.
  9. 2.38 impressive wobbling there..
    3:58.. did i hear the car driver call the bike an idiot when he ran up the back of him? the bike stopped for a crossing.. although the bike did change lanes abruptly but either way its a crossing and there were people crossing, so if the car didn't stop when he hit the bike.. he could of hit a pedestrian.
  10. Nah. He said the Russian word "blyat" (not sure on the spelling). I believe it means "whore" etc, but is kind of used as a general expletive like "****" in English speaking societies. I think...

    You will hear it in the majority of these Russian dashcam crash videos.
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  11. 3:02 - Classic case of don't filter past bus and tight squeeze
    5:05 - Debris like Speed traps.. dunno when dunno where

    Reminds me to keep my emergency braking practice in check over the cold season.
  12. The rider that ran away and the one that chased the car was funny :).............the others were very sobering. Happens so quickly.
  13. Nothing sobering really. Maybe frustrating? Many of these incidents are displays of poor motorcycling skill. People don't know how to ride. The repsol schemed honda cbr that crashes is a perfect example, he runs off after the car that was turning because he believes the driver is to blame.](*,)
  14. Exactly - I noticed that fellow running, when it was 100% his fault for not knowing how to control a motorcycle and yet travelling along with at much speed for the conditions (mind you, in his case, the appropriate speed for the conditions (-him) is 0).