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Bike Covers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Grofaz, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. With all the rain in Brisbane lately, and with more (supposedly) on the way, I'm looking at buying a cover for my bike.

    Now, when she's at home I keep her in a nice lock up garage, but at work my parking spot is in the open, and it's here that she is getting a bit wet lately. I know, I know, I ride her in the wet, but I figure why expose her to extra?

    Anyway, suggestions, experiences asked for. Thanks :)
  2. When at work, is your bike parked in a private carpark or in a public area????

    If its in a public area you might run the risk of the cover being stolen. If you are concerned this could happen you could use something simple like a cheap tarp & some ocky straps.

    If its a private carpark and you cant find a sheltered area ie: awning or verandah to park under then pretty much the choice is whether you want the cover to have a fleecy lining or not, so the type & price is up to you. Basic cost between $50-100.

    Either way, unless youre able to store & use the cover at your work, it is an item you will have to "carry" with you.
  3. supercheap auto sell OK covers down here in melb. must be something similar up there
  4. I use an Oxford Rainex cover on my bike (which is brilliant) as my carport exposes it to a bit of weather - however if you are looking for a cover to fold up and take with you to work then I'd advise you to get something a little more light weight as it folds up too bulky to take anywhere. You could always leave it at work though if thats the only place you are intending to use the cover. As covers go its excellent, it doesn't scratch the bike and I got it for around $70.

    The Oxford Rainex looks like this
  5. Bike covers generally come with a couple of slots cut in them near the front wheel which you can run a chain or cable lock through it. This also helps stop the cover being stolen.
    Covers like the Oxford which have a lining inside them are brilliant, although they are heavy. There is never any chance of scraching paintwork and they last longer. The trouble is, they are heavy and you will have trouble folding them up to fit into its bag if you are taking the bag with you.
    If you intend taking the cover with you each day, best to get one of the silver ones with no internal lining which any accessory shop sells. Just remember the size of your bike and if you have a rack such as a gearsack or Ventura, as they make covers designed to go over bikes with the rack still fitted.