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Bike Covers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by SimeSP1, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. My bike cover is cactus and am about to replace it, I normally get the Autotecnica brand fully waterproof kind with the soft fluff on the inside, they are usually about 100 bux around the traps and I was just wondering if anyone know of somewhere where I can find them cheaper.


  2. speaking of bike covers i saw them somewhere (pretty boutique though) called an envirodome they use a 12volt pump and actually create a bubble around the bike .... and the indoor version is totally clear for the extremely anal retentive collector .... try e bay for the one you are looking for
  3. Thanks Rumpty,

    hehe yeah pretty lardy da.
    I always forget to check ebay when I wan't something for some reason. But I found the exact one I'm after and almost half the price too!
  4. Don't know if you'll get them cheaper... but I would avoid the cheaper unlined type... I used one of them on my Sprint ST and there was a wind and the flapping unlined fabric seriously marked my fairings...

    Not happy!
  5. good on ya ....e bay is a good one for finding cheaper prices .... im just hanging out for them to open the new "social escort" section :LOL:
  6. Well I lie a little, more like 20ish cheaper. I was looking at the wrong cover.
  7. If you bike is store indoors in the shed, just use a sheet to keep the dust off?
  8. Does anyone know the dimensions of the Autotecnica Lined Covers?

    Or, more to the point, does anyone know if the Large one (which they say covers up to 600cc bikes) will fit a Honda VT250C (cruiser)?

    Sure, it's under 600cc, but it's physically pretty large.

    Alternatively, do I need the Extra Large one, given the physical size of the bike?


  9. This business could probably answer your question.
  10. Yup, I emailed them on Sunday too, and got a reply yesterday along the lines of "Uh, we don't know, but it should fit, go the 600cc one."

    I'll probably end up going to a local dealer, and getting them to confirm it fits, then take it outside and try it on the bike to make sure.


  11. I use a fitted sheet as it tucks in nicely underneath :grin: