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Bike covers that include rear pack coverage

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Big W, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. I have to start parking my bike outside & have begun looking at weather/waterproof bike covers, but can't seen to find any that also cover a rear gearsack/ventura pack.

    Seems a PITA to remove the rear rack & replace it every time I want to park or ride. Anyone heard of such a cover, or maybe I should just chuck a tarp over & oggy-strap it!:nopity:
  2. what sorta bike? I got a honda cover [freebee] and it covers the hornet with the rack on..
  3. get a "Large" or "Extra Large" or "Ex. Ex. Large"?
  4. It's only for a Honda CB250. Not a show bike or anything, but I still like to look after it!:angel: Well, if it fits you're Hornet, no reason why it shouldn't fit mine???

    Yeah, I thought that. Will resort to doing that if I can't find anything else.
  5. reckon a regular cover should do the trick.. and as Thera said larger sized should cover it

    just got home and chekced mine, it is an Autotechnica size L !! covers the cb900f head to tail with the rack on,,
  6. i have a large cover for the hyo... I could fit 2 under it\
  7. Rjays have a lined cover with a bit extra at the back.
  8. A&S Cycles in the USA have BMW covers, $35 for the half cover which is shaped to take a top box through to ~$100 for a full cover. I've got the half cover and it is excellent (y)
  9. Beauty, thanks guys! Excellent info!
  10. 'reckon Ventura need to have a bit of a think about this issue. Wld be useful if the rack could be locked onto the L-bars. And the bags could do with a revamp so that a cable lock slides through in a way that buggers the bag if it's ripped off. The silly little fabric locking tag we have now is pretty pathetic. Anyway, just a though on a dull day I'm probably wrong!