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Bike Covers and Scratching

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Blue Boule, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. Unfortunately, I don't have a garage, only a carport so I'm about to get myself a decent cover for the new C50. During my hunting for a good cover, it was mentioned the use of anti static sprays to reduce the chance of dust and grit staying on the bike during a normal ride, thus reducing the chance of scratching the bike with putting on and removing the cover.

    This all seems to be a sensible idea to me, especially as I look at the crap all over the bike at the moment. However, I'm not sure on the best product or way to ensure minimal build up during regular riding conditions. Is it a simple matter of applying a spray following a clean? If so, what's a good option that others have used?

    Thanks for any feedback :)
  2. fcuk me drunk! If I was that worried about my bike I just wouldn't ride it.

    Personally I bought a Rjays cover with the wool-ish type lining on the inside. Good price and good quality and I figure if it gets any tiny marks that's life....
  3. Wash the bike, dry it and then use something like Motul spray on stuff (sorry can't remember the name, just that it smells like Jelly Beans).

    Get a bike cover that has a scratch-resistant inside and heat resistant bottom section. My husband takes the cover to work as well.
  4. an old fashioned flannel bed sheet under the cover would do the trick.
  5. Agreed. I used to be a Mr. Pristine with my bikes until the wife said, "FFS, you wont keep it pristine for ever, just ride the fcuker and when it's that far scratched it gets ugly, sell it and buy a new one."

    Best wife ever :grin:
  6. Great Advice ...

    PS: I wonder if we could live by the same rules when it comes to women ??
    :p :p

    EDIT: Was just informed by 'the decision maker' to retract the last comment before She cuts off my supply. :(
  7. Ive got the Rjays cover for mine and its great.

    I used to use my dads BBQ cover (its pretty much the same as the Rjays, soft fabric inside and tough on the outside)
  8. Thanks all for the feedback ;)

    I'm not particularly worried about it. It's just that I washed my last bike twice in eight years and figured there might be a way to protect the new one a bit from my somewhat conservative cleaning techniques :-w
  9. i use two sheets of rusty corrugated iron, and some bailing twine.
  10. I had to get my cover from the states. Couldnt find one to fit my boulevard here when i had it.. Ebay is your friend, and type C50 in the search bar..