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Bike cover

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Ghibli, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. Hi guys
    just bought a bike cover from BigW today - $23.88 - not bad.
    I put it on my bike annd it looks reasonable quality. I've bought a size L, and it is just a little big but OK for my CBR250R.
    I thought netriders looking for a bike cover might be interested.

  2. kewl. For a 250, you'd usually want an M size. :)
  3. i know. they had only L and XL.
  4. hi, is the cover lined on the inside and does it have straps of some sort? :)
  5. 'Ghibli': can you post up a pic of the bike when covered with this bike cover?
  6. The cover has no straps, and I think it is just canvas. It has elastic ends for front and rear grip on tyres. I'll take a picture tonight and post tomorrow.
  7. I dont know how they compare, but i've got one from Supercheap. Was something like $35 and its got elastic at both ends to "grab" onto the tyres and a sercuring strap in the middle that goes under the bike and hooks onto itself.

    Well worth the investment if the bikes outside.
  8. The L size Kmart cover (the blue ones) fit over my GTR perfectly, even ove rthe saddlebags, windscreen and rack. Has a strap underneath, but due to the shape of the bike, I don't need to use it. They also breathe, I have put the bike away wet and next morning it's lovely and dry again.
    How can you beat that for $20 or so?!

    REgards, Andrew.
  9. I use a garage :p
  10. My bike also lives under cover (carport/awning) but the cover keeps dust, dirt and rain mist off the bike. Also keeps cats off it!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. I've got a picture of the bike cover.
    Sorry guys, but how do yoy actually attach the file with the picture to a message?