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Bike cover at work

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Somatic, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. My bike sits in the sun at work. Would I look like a total douche if I got a cover for it for during the day?

  2. no you would not look like a total douche
  3. If you are in the city, you my friend, will be the biggest douche around. However, if you ar in the quiet burbs, then maybe you will only be half douchable.
    What exactly are you trying to cover your bike from? The sun?
    Surely there is somewhere better you could park it? I know a few blokes here who park their bikes in the undercover carpark...free of course!
  4. No, but posting a thread about it will!
    FFS just do what you want and tell your peers to GFYS.

    (Once had a boss who objected to my storing a bike cover at work :roll: )
  5. Do you have a Google Map or something of where you park your bike? Maybe we could devise a construction plan for a shade cloth that'll stop your bike from getting a tan ;)
  6. LoL! What bout some sunscreen for your bike. SPF30+ atleast.
    You could also try getting it a Rashie. I find that it protects my kids from sunburn effectivley.

    Just kidding.
    Honestly though, do what you like man, its your bike. However, I find that when I see a bike under a cover, I want to rip it back and see what its hiding..lol
  7. If I left my bike outside, I'd have a cover for it.

    But then, I'm a douche.
  8. I have to leave my bike outside at home in my yard, so I cover it (and given what I spent on paint I don't feel at all like a douche).

    But - when I ride it into the city for work, I want EVERYONE who walks by it to stop and admire it (and take photos) so I look for a good open sunny spot with plenty of room for admirers to cluster around it.

    Then, I watch from my office window, wait until there is someone there looking at the bike, grab my helmet and rush out the door, press the remote alram button as I walk towards the bike, then nonchalantly start talking to the admirer about how cool my bike is.

    You can find me outside the Metropolitan Fire Brigade HQ in Albert Street East Melbourne most Fridays...

    (okay - so I am a douche).
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  9. douche, never... that is awesome :D
  10. I use a bike cover with a picture of a far more expensive and better bike printed on it so when people ask me "Is that your bike?" I can answer them "Yes it is."

    I am also a douche.
  11. A bit of social engineering never goes astray - So all *one* needs to look for is a custom painted bobber in this location to make a someone have a bad day huh?

    Bummer :nopity:
  12. Too much of a hassle IMO unless you baby your bike. And if you do baby your bike, then you wouldnt really be riding it to work every day and leaving it outside :D
  13. I still dont understand the advantage of having a bike cover on at your work is meant to achieve...i mean really. If you're worried that the sun will ruin ur bike, why dont u jus park it in your house and never let it go outside.

    The guys at my work were in shock when I told them that I park my car on the footpath in the cbd, and that "anyone can simply kick it over..."

    Allrighty then....

    If its at home and you dont have a garage, cool I understand covering it, but a bike covered on the street makes no sense to me. But each to their own :)
  14. Mine gets covered at nite time, I have spotted a bike in melb CBD with a cover that I think originated from NZ, literally covers seat, tank and I think dials, hooks to bars and not sure if it ties to indicators or something else on th eback. fold up into nothing sace wise. Maybe an alternative?
  15. My bike has been outside all day so far, and I have only realised that it is in fact shaded all day by the building it is parked in front of.

    So there is your answer, watch the sun for a day and look for full shade parking positions near buildings.
  16. If i ride to work i park my bike in the factory and i have an old doona cover i put over it. :)
  17. Ergh!

    I hope it is a clean doona cover, and not a stained yellow one.
  18. Nah its all nice and clean. lol
  19. Atleast its warm!
  20. Just on the outside at home bit - haven't got a bike yet, but it gets quite windy where I am, will prob get a cover (not whilst at work though) but will I be okay leaving it on the side stand or should I get a wheelstand?