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VIC Bike cops targeting use of cycle lane - Brunswick Rd

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MV, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Inbound this morning, two bike cops in a vacant lot just near Alexandra parade, pulling over motorcycles using the bike lane, be careful out there. You can't see them until you're right on them & there's usually not quite enough room to split between lanes, like shooting fish in a barrel.

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  2. They do the same thing St Kilda Rd inbound in front of the Arts Centre weekday mornings.
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  3. You're allowed to be in the bike lane for up to 50 meters if turning left or parking, any chance you'd get away with saying you were doing one of those two?
  4. I remember vicroads brochure stating "up to 50 meters if avoiding an obstacle". I wonder if traffic jam counts as one...:rolleyes:
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  5. Same as they also do on Vic Pde near the Shell servo city bound.
    See them there daily .__.

  6. Got a $220 fine for filtering down the bike lane there one weekday morning. Very low speed, and no cyclists around. When I asked how much the fine was, he said $220 and laughed.
  7. Not Brunswick Rd then, you are talking about Brunswick St.

  8. They were doing Flemington Rd outbound bike lane, before racecourse Rd, evening peak the other day
  9. Yeah, apparently there have been an increase in bicicles deaths lately. Also I saw a lot of cars driving on the bicicle lanes as well.
  10. Maybe, but motorcycles using bike lanes isn't the cause. Had an idiot driver today try and wipe me out whilst riding my pushy. He failed to indicate he was turning left (well he did, as he turned his steering wheel) I was already set up on the brakes so I avoided him. I didn't keep my cool and he very nearly got a punch in the face for abusing me as if I was my fault. Wouldn't be surprised if I get a cameo on ACA tomorrow night...
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