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NSW Bike cops and their gear requirements

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MattieP, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. OK, so forgive me if this has already been covered somewhere, but I haven't been able to find anything ... and I feel like I need to pose the question to someone. Also, If this isn't the place for this topic, I'm happy for it to be shifted. I know gear can be a can-of-worms subject and this isn't technically a legal issue, but here it is anyway.

    I'm from Victoria. A state where nearly every time you get pulled over, you are guaranteed to be criticised for your gear unless your wearing a full suit ... and even then I've actually had a coppa say to me "isn't that a bit much if your just out for a casual ride?"

    Anyway, I'm currently on holiday in NSW, up on the Hawkesbury river around Bar Point area. Yesterday arvo, while driving back from Hornsby down the beautiful (and recently resurfaced I noticed - gotta bring the bike up here and have a go) Pacific Hwy, I was followed by a bike cop. That's fine, I wasn't speeding. I had the wife and kids in the car so I was actually 5-10km below the speed limit for the most part so the kids could sleep and not get thrown around the back seat.

    When I got to the bottom of the run (Brooklyn turn off), I pulled in to the turning lane and glanced in the mirror and side windows as he rolled past. To my ... uh ... horror I guess you could say ... he was not in his full suit, he had just the regular shirt on.

    At this point my wife had to put up with a 10 minute rant from me about how F@#$ing disgusted I was to see this cop, who is paid to give me a hard time about what I'm not wearing when he himself is NOT WEARING !!

    Now don't get me wrong here; I'm of the belief that what a rider wears is his/her own business. If someone's not a fan of their skin and they want to ride in jocks and thongs, that's their problem and not mine. Granted, if you're standing within ear-shot you're pretty much guaranteed to hear me make comment on the attire, but in the end; it's the rider's choice.

    My rant here, if you would be so kind as to indulge me is; what the hell kind of example is it to us riders if the people enforcing the rules and showing us how it's supposed to be done ... or at least drumming it into us endlessly ... if they don't themselves follow the guidelines of good gear and self preservation.

    Needless to say, I was appalled.

    So rant over, now questions ...

    Do you New South Welsh-people not get hassled about your gear like us Victorians?
    Does anyone know if police have gear requirements?
    If so, do they differ from state to state?
  2. 1 rule for them 1 rule for the rest of us
  3. I don't think I've heard of anyone in NSW being questioned about their gear, apart from the general "wow it's really cold tonight, you must be freezing" to which i replied "nope, nice and toasty warm - just bought new winter gear"...

    It's the norm to see a bike cop in their shirt only when riding, and it must be really cold or a special occasion for them to be wearing their jacket.

    In my experience, anyways.
  4. ^^ everything Holly said...
    I've wondered about the WorkCover/OH&S policy before too?
  5. They get a uselesly thin and hot leather jacket. And very poor wet weather gear.
    I feel sorry for them.
  6. that too.
  7. In nsw all you need is a up-to-date ADR approved helmet. You can go naked if you must....although no doubt a copper would get you for public indecency !

    You'd think motorbike police would lead by example and atleast wear back armour or proper jacket depending on weather conditions
  8. I see a fair few motorcycle police out on the road everyday, and I reckon 4 out of 5 that I see (mind you, I can sometimes see the same bike two times in the 1 day/trip) are just wearing the standard issue light blue cop shirt. I've never heard of anyone being hassled in NSW for what gear they're wearing either. Maybe it's lazyness, maybe because they're on and off the bike so often they feel they don't need/want to bother with a jacket, especially if it's hot.

    I've always thought to myself though, I wonder if motorcycle coppers ever get cut off or have close calls, they are very noticeable on the road and very easy to spot even if they're trying to hide.
  9. I've seen plenty of police in short sleeve shirts...

    Maybe they can reach for their gun/taser/donuts quicker if in short sleeves.

    I live near manly beach and see many squids but we don't get hassled about gear. Maybe because we don't have an equivalent bike tax or statutory body like TAC.

    Plenty of squids at bondi where I am today too. They must be those new safety thongs and singlets I've heard of.....
  10. That's just cos we're looking for them oz!
  11. Most of the bike cops ive seen float up through this way have armoured pants, standard cop shirt, but a leather vest and reasonable gloves.
    Some have been without the vest, and ive seen some others in regular uniform (near as i can tell).

    Might not have been the answer you were after, but ML answered it perfect.
    Do as i say, not as i do.
  12. Yeah that's true that we're looking for them Kreeper, but the batty old cagers that try and run us off the road probably don't even realise that there is cops on bikes out there haha!!
  13. Don't you know mate? Cops are invincible. It's why they can tailgate and speed wherever they want and we can't.

    See them all the time on the F3 on-ramps trying to ping people for exceeding a mind-bogglingly stupid 60 limit about 100m before a 110 freeway.... $1000 top of the range Shoei with the radios and shit attached combined with the invincibility shirt and cloth pants. Not even sure if they wear boots.
  14. apparently cops are elite level riders, they never crash.
    only time i ever see cops in anything more than just a shirt is when it's raining. they do wear *something* beyond regular issue pants, they certainly look different, but i've never been pulled up by one to get a good look.
    in fact i've never been pulled up on the bike period
  15. Get yourselves a go on a big, white full-faired bike. For max effect, wear a white helmet. I guarantee you will have no SMIDSY incidents and will finbd traffic parting like the Red Sea.

    So no, coppers don't crash as often as the rest of us.

    For the rest, given that the average cop bike spends most of its time stationary or at low speeds, I'd guess that, in summer, heat exhaustion poses a greater risk than gravel rash.
  16. You're all the same. If it is his/her own business you all need to stfu, both online and in real life.
  17. Live near Hornsby, so run into a few of them headed up the F3 , Pacific Highway etc. New had one comment on my standard of gear or theirs. There is no legal requirement on what any person should wear outside of the helmet, so any comment they make would be opinion rather than anything reflected by legislation.

    I actually find the cycle guys more understanding and knowing than the highway guys who have never ridden or tried to understand bikes, they just know they are bad.

    Just my experiences.
  18. Don't know about that understanding bit,one just busted a mate the other double demerit day,major dual lane access road to the Northern expressway,Ernest st at Cammeray,its a 50 zone and he got pinged going up hill at 68,couldnt talk it down to 14ks and the bike cop said it would be the same points anyway,turned out to be BS.It was 3 points that turns into 6.Typical 50 year old family man now border line with a lose of license for a very piddling thing.
  19. I'm always wearing my gear, and for the life of me can't understand why police and amobo's as career professionals on two wheels don't where proper protective clothing.....

    Something similar to the UK police forces full black leathers and fluoro safety top would be ideal. I wonder if a safety conscious officer that rides would be allowed to wear something similar to that pictured below if they asked for it?


  20. What on earth is with the police sportsbike with custom exhaust?
    Extremely high speed pursuit? :p

    Please explain ](*,)