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Bike cop noobs?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iondah, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. On the commute in to Melbourne CBD today on the Monash there were about 20 Bike cops on very shiny (new) looking marked bikes heading outbound.

    I found it amusing, because I was splitting and clearly visible from the opposite side of the road. They were ALL looking at me. :LOL:

    Anyone hear word about a bunch of bike cops being set lose upon us?

  2. It's possible that they are heading down to PI for regional duties down there?

    I was following about a half a K behind at close to the speed limit (groan)and they all left me behind. mmff!...I thought there were road laws that we're all supposed to adhere to. Obviously they only apply to us!
  3. They are going to a cafe for morning tea to discuss how good the new
    bikes are :wink:
  4. Probably the regular pickup of new machines from BMW Australia which is down there. I rode past BMW once and looked back to see a fleet of about 20 bike cops pulling out after me...

    the only thing saved me from a heart attack was I had seen them kitting up in the car park a few minutes earlier as I went the other way.
  5. haha I saw the same !!!
    I was riding City bound and couldn't believe my eyes when saw plenty of police white bikes on the other side of road :)
    Wondering what's going on ?
  6. they opened a new Krispy Kreme somewhere? :p

  7. Thats just great :LOL:
  8. Bahaha :LOL:
  9. What planet were you living on? :shock:

    Mate, police have a green light to do whatever they want. It's not like they'd book themselves and they sure as hell don't book each other. Even speed cameras know to cancel a ticket when politely asked.

    Unfair? Yep but that's life. Makes it all the more fun to get away with stuff when they're not looking. :)
  10. That's probably just an off-the-cuff comment to get attention, and it worked.

    Can't say for Vic because I don't read your news as much as here (NSW).

    In the southern NSW region various officers including the Inspector at Wagga have lost their licenses for speeding. Inspector Gollan was pinched by one of his own doing 134 while on police business, but without a good reason.


    Trevor G

    PS Maybe just a case of the masons versus the catholics - not sure ;-)
  11. they were running escort for 6 or so 7.5 tonne flatbeds that had tarp covered loads on the back, they were on the bolte this arvo blocking on ramps and generally keeping traffic away from the trucks in convoy
  12. I saw 5 on training in kinglake today.
  13. Yeah so much for lead by example...

    the cops around here always go through amber lights with plenty of time to stop safely, speed, not indicate and shoot people.. bastards.
  14. No hint of jealousy there?
  15. Since when do cops have to indicate before shooting people? :LOL:

    But it makes a good point. Despite being their job, I'm sure plenty of cops have the same view of road rules as us "mere mortals." Who's gonna book a cop for low-level speeding? (134kph is a different case in point)
  16. Forgot the handshake did he :wink: :LOL:
  17. A speed camera will, everytime.
  18. These flocks of white bikes remind me of any other patch club on a run. They certainly catch the eye.

    I have seen this phenomena a couple of times. But, talking about cops on bikes I cannot remember the last time I actualy saw one working the road. Maybe they don't so much in the Eastern suburbs or maybe my glasses were fogged up again.
  19. :LOL: :LOL: bloody brilliant. While where on the topic of things popo is driving, in glen waverley the other day i saw a marked GT500 cop car. You know the new re-released version. Couldnt fkn believe it.
  20. That is not the case for Speed and Red Light Cameras in Queensland. Ask me how I know, well I worked in the prosecution section of Speed and Red Light Cameras. However I cannot speak for the "hand Held" laser guns though.