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Bike Cop Nabs Bikes in Bike Lane

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. This morning just after 7:30am, a bike cop was parked in Wellington St between Alexandra Pde and Johnson st and had nabbed a poor soul for riding in the bike lane.

    I was lucky to see the cop bike before I went into lycra-spandex mode as I usually do when the traffic there banks up heavily there. Cars generally sit there warming the bitumen and don't move very often. I'm happy to help out by easing congestion.

    A scooter came up in the bike lane past me, and was nabbed as well. From memory, they would have got $105 and no points, an expensive way to start the day.

  2. I noticed that the coppers seem to be targeting that sort of stuff during morning peak hour.

    I've seen two different set ups this week alone, one along St kilda rd, and another one earlier this week near the city.

    Perhaps a new way to generate revenue in the mornings seeing as the gridlock prevents the majority from speeding?
  3. It's must pretty steady income as 7/10 motorcyclists use the bike lanes in my experience.
  4. I got done for it once... $80 fine and no points.

    Much better to pick a route with wider lanes you can split dow legitimately.

    I hate traffic. Peak hour is the worst invention ever.
  5. Or perhaps they've just had complaints from cyclists and are obliged to act on them? :roll:
  6. Is this bicycle week? Last year the cop who did me for it sheepishly said "yeah look it's bike week and we sorta have to do this."
  7. :S huh? i was sure i got a pamphlet from vic roads a couple of years ago saying that we could use the bike lanes in the city? for eg. st kilda rd
  8. Add lycra, remove engine and yes you can legally use them
  9. yesterday leaving work - traffic was terrible for auburn rd. So i went on the bike lane only to notice a police car and 2 of them walking to the car. I was thinking 'oh god damn, i only got a fine last week not another one' so i got back into traffic and as soon as i was past them a big sigh of relief!
  10. I got pinged for being in a bus lane once (which is illegal in SA).
    $152 fine, no demerits.

    Needless to say I've never been in a bus lane since.
  11. Yeah,
    the boys in blue would be getting lots of Bike riders in Brisbane for
    incorrect lane travel, after they closed the freeway on wednesday.
    gone close, but can say I have not been nabbed.