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Bike/Cop Chase NWS

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by enforcer, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. thats nuts.. is he on a push bike?
  2. Yep.
  3. that guy is hikin! had good control at that speed even while throwing his bottle at the cop car :LOL:
  4. booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobs
  5. orsm.net = NSFW adverts on the site.
  6. Give that man a pro push bike and send him to the olympics I say...
    I'm inclined to think that the part of the freeway they were on must've been on a downhill for him to get that much velocity.
    and that cop would have been the laughing stock of his precinct (dude, you couldn't even catch a cyclist on a car?)
  7. Added to title :)
  8. Sounds like the rider had his own personal cheer squad with the news crew.

    He made that thing move though!
  9. Sorry to say but i think it is a fake.
    Look at the acceleration when he takes off between the front of those trucks.
  10. Yeah we all know that, but it is a bit of fun, I wish I could move like him even on my SP2. :grin:
  11. seen that before......... fake or not that's a small gap
  12. a very small gap :)
  13. +1 for the cyclist, nil for the cops.
  14. OMG!!! I'm in the computer lab at Uni, with people everywhere around me. I clicked on the link, and it took me to a p0rn site, which my desperate clicking could not close!!! My exclamation, "Oh sh*t!!" only served to gain the attention of others to what was on my screen! :eek:
  15. Orsm isn't a p0rn site, it's just highly male-audience orientated :).
  16. hahahaha i was at uni 2.. i just sit in the back corner away from lecturers :p
  17. Thats some crazy rider. FUnny story mattb.