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Bike conks out while riding

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by turnipcorp, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. I recently bought a 02 sv650 that has approx 35000k's on it.

    It is due for a service at the mo....the bike runs well but i have noticed in the last week or so that soon after starting up it may conk out. while i am riding it

    Usually i am changing down gears to come to a stop and realize it is not running.

    today it conked out just as i left work and i was accelerating up to 3rd gear...pull the clutch in change...and nothing the bike is not running

    This can happen up to 15 minutes after starting the engine and riding away.

    Any ideas about what this maybe? the guy i bought it off advised me to adjust the idle a little higher...but would that effect it if i am changing down gears as i would expect i am above idle speed at that stage...


  2. Sudden stops like that tend to be spark. check you have strong spark on both plugs.

    That doesn't mean it's not a fuel supply problem, but start with plugs
  3. Stumbling Suzy twin!!!..

    I bought a TLR that had 40K plus gravel rash recently. I had to do a crash course in that engine family as a result. They will drop the rear cyl. Usually at cold start though. When warm, will run on 1 but stalling wouldn't be your main complaint!!!..
    It would sound just like a 4st dirter, without much more power.
    The rear exhaust header will be a different temp to the front, to test. There are to many variables for now, Could be inlet air sensor, gear possition switch modified/faulty??? I'm quessing. Probably a servicable item, ie. filters.
    Take it to the technition that would be going to service it and enquire about the prob. while booking it in. :idea: Timing your arrival may be paramount!! Good Luck..
  4. actually i believe the 02 model is the last of the carbied models, which had a know problem with the front spark plug/lead. It gets wet, which may not be the problem at the moment, but it may mean the plug, cap and/or lead is in the best condition.
  5. Have it happen occasionally on my bike (250CC four cylinder), seems to lean out occasionally such that the bike motor decelerates so quickly it fails to stabilise at idle and dies. Increasing the idle will open the throttle butterfly a bit more, letting more air-fuel mixture into the cylinders, you could also try making the idle mixture screws a bit richer
  6. That sounds like the tank vent is blocked. If you open the filler cap and close it again and the problem goes away, that is probably the cause. You may have a pinched vent tube under the tank. Check and see!