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Bike condition when going for MOST

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by SuiCid3, Apr 8, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, just a quick question regarding RWC of bikes that you bring to do the MOST (NSW).

    How vigorously do they check your bikes roadworthy condition?
    Even though my bike has passed a blue slip recently, I think things have slowly stopped working.

    One of the headlights is out (I've actually noticed this on a fair few other bikes as well), will they pick up on this?

    Windscreen is cracked, but taped back up by previous owner (used masking tape).
    It's a lot better mechanically than it is cosmetically.

    One last question, how many times are you allowed to stall before you fail?
    Is it only once?

  2. Make sure that your tyres are OK and your rego is current. Make sure that all lights are working. They check indicators, front and rear brake turns on stop light and headlights are working all the time. I can't remember what else they check.

    As for stalling, if you stall a lot, then you will demonstrate a lack of control of your bike. No one stalled when I did my test, so I have no idea "how many times" you can stall.

    Lets see what others will say.
  3. I think a stall, combined with putting your foot down afterwards, will fail you.
    You and your bike don't quite sound ready yet, give it another month. Spend a couple of dollars on the machine you entrust your life with! :shock:

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. +1. I'd get the light fixed.

    Also the instructor mentioned, but didn't seem to check, that the brake/clutch levers had to have the ball on the end. He also said it would fail if it was too loud.

    If the bike won't reliably idle and repond to small throttle responses you will have a major problem with the test. Unless the bike is running well I'd be postponing.
  5. [quote="Crash_Rubes He also said it would fail if it was too loud.


    you must have gotten a real ass

    my gs500f lazer system was putting out 116dbls and my instructor couldnt get enough of it :grin: :p :twisted:
  6. Id have real trouble stalling and not putting my foot down to restart. :?
  7. :LOL:

    The bike itself is more of the problem than I am...
    I've had a few very experienced riders having trouble riding the thing.
    It's one of those ones that have a 'secret' to riding. :p

    I don't have problems riding it around, but it does have an idling problem (floods a lot coming to a stop), which I have gotten used to and don't stall anymore.
    It's just a matter of the instructor thinking I'm incompetent because I have to keep revving it all the time.

    I was thinking of hiring one of their CB250's but if I didn't have to spend that extra $100 or so, I'd be more happy to just use mine (as long as they deemed it RWC)...
  8. Trust me on this, spend a couple of hundred dollars on a thorough tune up/carb rebuild.
    It will make the bike extremely easy to ride, give you much better fuel economy, and jsut make things more enjoyable.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. A few weeks before I did my test, a mechanic told me that my loud pipe was going to fail me at the test, and that I should do something about it, but I took a chance anyway on the day and the only thing my instructor looked at was the rego. :shock: But then he was quite an easy going dude. You may as well be safe than sorry as it sux if they told you, you cant do the test and send you home... :(
  10. Main things are headlight, backlight, brakelight, and indicators.

    You can stall / foot down as many times as you want in the practice, just not in the final exam.
  11. Yeah, I've been wanting to get the carbs cleaned and tuned ever since I got it.
    I've already booked it in for that and fork seals to be replaced on Friday.
    Well... I guess I'll wait until after Friday to see if I should hire their CB's or not..
  12. You'll be surprised at the difference, from the sounds of it the bike really needs the work!
    It's little things like carb rebuilds that make bikes (and older cars) much more enjoyable day to day!
    Be sure and add a fuel filter, or have the mechanic add ome to teh fuel line, to save more carb related expense down the track.
    Just say you want a fuel filter installed. Should cost max $20.

    Regards, Andrew.