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Bike Compatibility

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by matt232, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. Taking inspiration from DuHAST's what is you BikeSign thread and in an effort to analyse my frequency of incidents on the Blade I've decided to work out our compatability.

    So taking my birthday (8/6/1976) and Nelly's purchase date (17/4/2004) (yer yer I know, bit of cradle snatching going on here), I plugged those dates into this page.


    And came out with:

    matt232: Gemini
    Nelly: Aries

    Plugging these into this page


    Tells me:

    Perhaps its the wishy-washy Gemini Rider, or I'm being to flirtatious or even that Nelly isn't giving me Intellectual space who knows. I think we need to have a serious discussion about it between the two of us.
  2. The only stars I'm interested in and take any notice of appear in the constellation of MotoGp and WSBK.

  3. matt232 you should be using nelly's build date imo.
  4. Matt, you really have been thinking too much.

    but as I cant remember purchase date; perhaps Ill try chinese astrology?


    Im a fire rabbit

    My bike is a water monkey

    fire and water are never a good match!

    well thats good news... but then you read further...

    Oh dear!
    I thought something went on with sweets and Bob while he was "fixing" her...
  5. Is that build date or cosmetic rebuild date? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Also which cosmetic rebuild would he use?
  7. hhhhm, reminds me of the young gold-digger who married the rich old man. They got married because of incompatability; he had the income, she had the patability!
  8. WT :shock: :shock: . Its got nothing to do with stars Matt , your just bad luck :wink: :p .
  9. He..he..the good ol' CB250 strong, reliable.
    Yep, I love my Red Baron
    I must not let the bike take control...:oops:...I must not get angry when it struggles to get into second gear...:LOL:
    Yes, PULP and a fortnightly wash...8)...