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Bike Communication

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by conspiracytheorist, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Hey I picked up a twin pack of uhf uniden radios that are supposed to be able to go 4kms. They came with earpieces and voice activation. But when I tried them in practice with chris from the forum, they were crap. Voice activation worked sporadically, and when they did the first 2 seconds were cut out. Wasn't loud enough, too much background noise. 90% of the time they plain out didn't work.

    Just wondering if other people successfully use radios? If so which ones? The pair I got cost $98 down from $128 all up.

  2. Can you get your money back, by any chance? I've never used radios, I'm in no rush to buy but would like to try some one day.
  3. Or do they have a PTT Function that can come from an external switch (That you could put on your bars)
  4. Yeh I can take it back no problem.

    It doesn't have a sperate PTT button but I tried keeping it in a somewhat convenient position in my jacket that I could get to when going slowly, but it still wasn't loud or clear enough. I guess its just not designed for bikes.
  5. Don't suppose you used Search to check out what others use?
  6. Nah just talk to each other like they do in the movie "torque".....
  7. radios

    hey i think i know the ones your talking about... they have the voice piece that sits over your neck and by talking this activates them and the sound is transmitted via the viabrations from your voice box... skipping that whole tedious have to actually speak into something :LOL:
    i used them with a mate but found there were large gaps of when u first start talking missed and there was alot of background noise due to wind etc.

    in the end they were no good... i'll be saving for some sort of bluetooth device or similar i think.
  8. Had a search for related posts, seems like to get any decent radio set up, need to spend 200 minimum. Really need a 2watt radio and a PTT button on handlebars as VOX isn't practical for riding.

    I guess I'll just take the radio back and think about investing in a system just for myself a little along the track. Probably when I upgrade + off Ps and go on a decent tour I'll look into it, assuming others have radio..
  9. I find hand signals and nods a whole lot easier. :grin:
  10. bluetooth has an effective range of about 10 metres, so unless your riding pretty close to each other, it's quite useless for your purpose.
  11. Just have to remember one word Autocom!


    You are not going to get something for $100 though and it works great
  12. I just bought one of these. Not sure how good it's going to be but it is PTT with a VOX option. Den Monkey has the same handset but has been having problems with his throat mics so he's investigating PTT options through Jaycar. We'll let you know how we get on.
  13. Thanks a bunch.

  14. When you use bike2bike comms, you need to mount the radio somewhere on the bike, not in your pocket. That muffles the aerial getting a good signal. Using VOX, it takes a second or two to activate it, so next time you use it, try saying OK before your message. If that doesnt work, use the other option and take them back.
  15. As tc says you need to mount the radios on the bike.UHF is "line of sight" so terrain plays a big part in how well they will work as well. Vox is next to useless for on the bike UNLESS you run it through a good system like the Starcom1 or autocomm first. PTT mounted at the bars is 100% reliable for the TX and placing a speaker in the helmet for each ear gives the required volume levels for almost any speed. Do a search and I'm sure you'll come up with a site or 2 of interest
  16. my friendas and I use undine radio with PTT, and throat mikes. We have them clipped to our bikes and find that every now and then, the voice is muffled, slippage in the mike or if your going over 100km/hr

    but dont try using vox, We found it didnt really work all that well.
  17. If that is so, I wonder why? I have never used a radio on a bike, but if a VOX mike works in an open cockpit aircraft at 250mph, why not on a bike at half that speed? Did the mike have a foam 'muffle', or was it open to the slipstream?
  18. I've set up my bike with comms (both rider/pillion and bike/bike). I found several options arounsd the place, some good, some bad and some stupidly expensive!

    "Chatterbox" systems seemed pretty much afterthought and there was very little flexibility when it came to wider comms.

    Autocom was good, high quality stuff, but you were limited with choice of UHF (Motorola or Icom when I looked) which made the setup expensive. Autocom also used Din plugs - big and bulky and I didn't personally like them.

    Some other brands out there seemed to be aimed at rallying rather than motorcycles.

    I ended up going through Pinfold Health Services (!!) here: http://www.amalgamate2000.com/sales/motorcycle__communications.htm

    They provided good advice, and have several options and you can get systems to fit whatever UHF radios you have. They were pretty slow, but worth it (and not badly priced either). The systems were well made and fitted easily. The company is NZ based and caters for Australian frequencies etc.

    As far as UHF radios go, you don't really need huge Tx power - most of the time you'll be chatting with your ride buddies who won't be too far from you. I use a 2 watt UHF (GME TX630) since i needed the system to be able to talk to on-ground crews and trucks. If it was just for rides/tours 1 watt or less would do you, and give you more batery time. My UHF also needed to be able to be connected to an external aerial as well.

    Lastly - it's good to wire everything to your bike - it saves batteries and you'll never have the UHF going flat!


  19. Neil that was a hugely informative link, thanks. I am now tempted to at least try a set of their headphones, and then maybe a radio. They even explained why vox is not a good idea on a bike, the background noise too variable, not like an aircraft where it is louder but constant..........thanks again.