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Bike comms

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Scrambles, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. For those of us that don't ride Beemers and spend some SERIOUS doneero on blue tooth and HUD incorporated helmets with built in pick up lines and tail finding technology:

    An army mate and I just tested a couple of UNIDEN UH060's with throat mics. These worked great once we found the best place to sit the mic sensor on the throat, which seemed different for both of us.
    Wind and road noise didn't effect them, though I found you have to speak a little louder, slower and more concise (Like when your talking to a bad dog) so that the VOX registered and transmitted in time to capture your whole sentance.
    The single earpiece was OK, though I would have rathered those flexible 'in-ear' types you get with ipods for better clarity, unfortunatly this was not an option as they are a one piece set up (I suspect for ease of use when you are contending with bullets and the like)
    All in all I reckon they are a very viable
    cheap alternative to 3rd party TX systems and intergrated helmet comms. You should be able to pick them up online for next to nothing, though the army throat mics may be a little harder to find :wink:.

  2. Any chance I could give you a call while you're wearing it on the bike? Wouldn't mind hearing how clear it is before I go buying one!
  3. I bought my husband a set of these for christmas the year before last and we still haven't used them...he says he doesn't want to hear me singing in my helmet :oops:
  4. I'm sure you have a wonderful voice, sure beats an ipod!!
  5. Actually, I know I don't but I use an mp3 to drown it out though. :LOL: