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Bike comes off second best to a U turner :UPDATED:

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rushne, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I have just finished 3 and a bit months of great riding and put 1000kms on my new CBF.

    Monday night however I had my first and hopefully final off :)

    I was heading down a two lane (each direction) road, I was in the right lane as there were parked cars in the left.
    Now I have just gone throught an intersection when a P plater in a car parked on the left decides that it is time to do a U turn.

    Of course... I see this and put the brakes on.... hard... the rear wheel is on the limit of braking and the front has been sqeezed on as much as I could.

    But this was not enough.... I land up hitting the back right of car and go over the handle bars.

    Of course... I had all my gear on plus a back pack and I land on my rights sholder blade area and roll in such a way that I roll onto my feet and am standing in the middle of the road.

    I get my bike up and move it to the side of the road and have 2 witnesses waiting to give me thier details already (one of them is a bike rider who was walking past... top bloke :) )

    Driver runs over totally in shock and really sorry about it all.... and tell me he has insurance and is really sorry.
    I'm just glad I was in one peice.

    Police and abmo come to check this out and the evening ends with my bike being towed.

    I couldn't ride it as the forks were bent and the brakes stuck on a semi engaged position. Headlight was also pointing somewhere into the sky. Front brake lever was also bent down too far to be able to ride it.

    My injuries were just bruises ontop of my thighs from the handle bars and inside of my left leg from the tank. Some how have a bruised rib on the right side too.

    Full gear is great... didn't feel a thing when I hit the road :)

    So now I play the waiting game and look for a new bike.
  2. Sorry to hear about your off, but good outcome with you walking away. Bike shoppin' time!
  3. Good to hear you came out of it O.K.
    Bikes can be replaced
    As a matter of interest, do you know if the driver was charged with Neg Driving?
  4. Pretty much the same thing happened to me on my last bike!
    Not a scratch on me, except for a sore back where I landed on it. Bike looked like it had just been dropped from a distance, but on closer inspection you could see the front end had snapped off at the headstem :shock:
    Good to hear you came out ok!
  5. Bad luck mate and glad you're ok.
    I had a stunt man vision when reading your post.
    Well done on the roll to standing position. Thats usually a 9.5 :)
  6. Yeah the driver is getting a charged.. not sure if it is Neg or Careless though.
  7. good to hear you came out of it ok, wont hurt to get checked out anyway, some times injuries take a few days to show up.
    Good luck with the bike shopping
  8. Glad to hear your ok after that off. Seems like it happened quickly too....???

    Hope the driver now realises that there are other people on the roads to and he doesnt have them all to themselve.

    Enjoy shopping for a new bike!!!
  9. Glad you're okay, bloke had the decency to not do a runner and have insurance, you had witnesses, you get to go shopping for something a bit bigger, and you got a 9.5 in your landing off the pommel horse

    To take from this, anything you can learn from it to avoid it next time??
  10. I'd give him a 10!!! Nadia Comanich eat your heart out :LOL:

    Glad to hear your ok and that you have the right attitude and that is to get straight back on a bike.

    stay safe mate.

  11. Glad to hear you're ok.

    ATGATT is a good way to ride.

    To get a "10" you need to end up on your feet and go into the gymnists pose before bowing - sorry it's an 9.5....... :LOL:
  12. No to get a 10 you have to land on the car and do the gymnastics pose. I give you 8.5. Good to hear your alright.
  13. As its in Victoria the driver will get a ticket for Unsafe U-turn.
  14. Well i want to learn to do an evasive manuvre better.... don't really have have the confidence in a bike yet to do a really quick counter steer :)

    Thanks for all the scores :)

    I did land up going to the doc to get checked out and they say i'm all good but for the bruising.

    Can't wait to find another bike tho :)

    Maybe a VTR....are there new VTR's coming out?
  15. How much will insurance pay you - maybe a late used bigger LAMS bike is in order, now that you've got the feel for things. Of course VTRs sound great.
  16. $6000 from insurance..... I might just pay the difference and get a CB400
  17. Good choice. I can't see any practical reason why you'd ever find the CB400 inadequate for any type of road-riding, whether for blats through the twisties or distance touring.
  18. Any one know how I would go about claiming my gear?

    My jackets zip doesn't work properly and my helmet hit the ground.. but I can't see any damage to it.
  19. Usually you get a quote for the gear, send it to the insurance company.

    Get them to OK the price etc.

    Then, purchase the gear yourself, send them a receipt, they mail you out a cheque.

    Check your helmet cover. A lot of helmet cover is only up to $500.
  20. Glad you're OK.

    If you've got to get collected by a u-turning P plater that's the way to do it. Definitely a 9.5 I reckon, a 10 requires you to land right next to the drivers side and do a ninja kick through the window :LOL:

    And if you were riding a ninja you get 10.25 :shock: